19h15 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 6 NOVEMBER 2013: As if the ongoing RepubliKKKan unease over glitches persistent in the HealthCare.gov website weren't bad enough--especially considering evidence suggesting that the RepubliKKKans may have willfully and consciously sabotaged the whole thing--then what exactly prevents their looking into conducting cost/benefit analyses of other options as would replace the star-crossed concept behind the Affordable Care Act, including universal health cover and voucher-based schemes as would target such on Medicare and Medicaid into buying their own open-market health cover (knowing [un]consciously that such on Medicare and Medicaid are potentially incapable of making their own wise purchasing decisions guided solely by the conservatives' dear lovely Invisible Hand of the Marketplace, reinforced by the "pizza flyer" analogy from "Five Reports" chain letters some years back)?

In a related vein: How do we know that those "Tea Party"-dominant states which elected to reject Federal funds for Medicaid expansion aren't really seeking Federal waivers to convert existing Medicaid funding into "block grants" allowing for converting existing Medicaid schemes in those states into voucher-based plans to assist in purchase of free-market health cover without due regard for checks or balances as would protect the interests of all stakeholders?

(Especially when the greater desire is to "maximise taxpayer value" to the extent of such eventually having the effect of "paying dividends to the Good Taxpayers" in the sense of direct tax rebates comparable to companies paying dividends on capital stock to their shareholders, preferably at a "guaranteed" mininum of 3.5%/annum as opposed to the less than 1%/annum banks are now paying on savings accounts. And the rationale such politicos would have on insisting upon "taxpayer value" reflected as dividends: The usual "It's YOUR money, YOUR choices, YOUR future!" platitude, as if expecting the Good Taxpayers to effectively blow the ur-dividends on shopping trips unlikely to translate into the productive or the utilitarian.)

How exactly, pray, does "established local tradition" trump the Constitution? Especially when it involves that rather delicate issue known as the separation of church and state, at issue in a case before the Supreme Court as takes issue with the Town Council in Greece, NY (near Rochester) opening its meetings with prayers to the Bible-Believing Christian Yahweh God (as if implying that Our Dear and Lovely AmeriKKKa Is, Was and Will Always Be a Bible-Believing Christian Nation, as well as Rightful Successor to Apartheid South Africa's Title of God's Own Country).

Come to think of it, how many other examples of the politically incorrect (especially so the racist, the sexist and the just plain xenophobic) are deemed to be "established local tradition" as are entitled "as of right" to protection on "cultural heritage" grounds?

Don't mess with "Sweetie" when you're online, boys: She's a virtual 10-year-old girl as was created by the international child-protection group Terre des Hommes to entrap would-be pedophiles seeking hyperjuvenile sexual encounters online ... and in the ten weeks she's been on the prowl, she's caught no less than 20,000 would-be pedophiles across Teh Innerwebz world-wide seeking you-know-what and nothing less. (Know, reader, that Terre des Hommes cooperates with law-enforcement agencies worldwide to share encounters with "Sweetie," including Interpol and Europol.)

As if yesterday's elections (in particular gubenetorial such in Virginia and New Jersey, not to mention mayoral such in several cities) weren't good enow, there were also a number of plebiscites as were on the ballot paper yesterday. To wit:
  • Portland, ME approving recreational use of the old cannabis sativa in private.
  • Sea-Tac, WA approving a "Living Wage" measure mandating a mininum wage of $11/hour for airport and hotel employees.
  • New York State approving a maximum of seven casinos statewide (more than likely to be located in culturally-deprived environments as are bastions of "poor whiteism" at their worst in the Empire State).
  • Los Angeles approving engineering and construction of a citywide public-service WiFi Innerwebz system.
  • Colorado approving the taxation of cannabis, but rejecting increased income taxes from higher-income taxpayers to fund public education.
  • Houston, TX rejecting funds to renovate The Astrodome into a convention center, meaning more than likely that the onetime "Eighth Wonder of the World" faces demolition.
  • Washington State rejecting mandatory labelling of genetically-modified foodstuffs.
  • Ten mostly rural counties in Colorado seeking proceedings to separate therefrom and create a new state based on so-called "personal liberty" disciplines and doctrines integral to "Tea Party" articles of faith. (Six having approved the plebiscite, but unlikely to pass by any measure.)
Finally, you need to see this video to understand the "ideological instruction" of what the "Tea Party" crowd sees as "foot soldiers" vis-a-vis their use of trick, deception, misinformation, even sock-puppetry, for "winning of hearts and minds" over to what may actually be a faltering cause.

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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