16h UTC; SATURDAY, 1 JUNE 2013: As we all know(?), boys and girls, a key article of faith held and cherished deeply and dearly among "Tea Party," "9/12," "Christian Patriot" and suchlike types is that which insists that the only "real" model of socioeconomic recovery and stimulus which matters in Thy Dear and Lovely Land is one which creates REAL jobs, paying REAL money, employing REAL AmeriKKKans.

One expected to be "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" rather than by the State, with "improper political interference likely ensuing".

One expected to conform to the ideal of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe being one with Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations, as well as there being a Natural and Mutual Interconnexion extant as suggests that the defence of one concept under attack is automatically that of the other as well. (Not to mention calling for such a discipline being given the "mere formality of legal recognition" by way of Constitutional Amendment to that effect and intent.)

One whose ultimate goal and desire is that of a theoretical nil rate of unemployment consistent with the disciplines of said ekonomesie vryheid, &c., as if such was theoretically feasable (cf. Soviet-era propaganda insisting that mass unemployment would be among the unravellings of capitalism, that Communism made possible a nil rate of unemployment, that everyone had good jobs).

One expected to evolve spontaneously from appeals to national identity and solidarity (cf. Greek mythology about Minerva's emerging full-formed from the brow of Zeus), not from the State (with a presumed risk of "perpetuating enslaving dependency" at the expense of "healthy and nutritious" self-reliance through industry, preferably such "using the hands more than the mind"); the better to be seen as one with "doing the People and Nation a favour."

One expected to be "people-centred" rather than "State-centred," preferably founded on the principle of "help through self-help" (cf. the cooperative principles of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen)--provided such conformed to "AmeriKKKan experience, conditions and tradition" (in other words, founded upon the ekonomesie vryheid, &c., principle).

One expected to be seen as not just "AmeriKKKan," but also as "Christian," replete with the stock bromides rivalled by apartheid South African tropes about Our Dear Lovely Nation being a Bible-Believing Christian Nation, Founded upon a Country (Landsbodem) Allocated Unto It by Yahweh God, Now, Tomorrow, Forever (and to be reinforced By Any Means Necessary, including Renewal of Die Gelofte aan die Laager en Bloedrivier unto the Holy God of Heaven and Earth for His Divine Protection and Guidance--and misquoted Bible texts tending to be heavily selective and out of proper context).

One expected to Reclaim Main Street From Herself, to be accomplished solely "out of the Volk, to serve the Volk" (as in the "REAL AmeriKKKan" expected to "benefit" thereby--a poor, undereducated, too race- and faith-conscious for his own good, jingoistic, easily-manipulated specimen of "poor whiteism" who may not really know of his being used, manipulated, perverted as required, especially considering the crude, simple and easily-malleable patriotism to be appealed to as required, especially through the obnoxiously emotional, common in that class).

The preceding, know, is Theory. Theory which can be used, exploited and manipulated to create a false or misleading sense of hope and rescue in an otherwise vulnerable class of "poor whites" who can be easily used by such elements pushing its gospel.

The Reality thereof, however, is that such a Noble and Glorious Ideal to Save Them From Themselves may be too easily open to ideological exploitation and manipulation as risks undermining the otherwise well-meaning ideal.

Especially so when "ideological instruction" is expected to take precedence over the practical, as if such was expected to "pay its dividends in cash and not pious words" to its ideological stakeholders, all the while packaged as "consulting fees" to "avoid attracting suspicions." Not to mention drawing parallels to the Afrikaner Ekonomesie Bewelding, more than likely its model and template, reinforced with racist atrocity paranoia as lacks credibility.

And especially so when the business models expected to be pushed as part of the ur-Juche Study Groups as are expected to be part of such an "economic renewal movement" turn out to be rehashed Ponzi scams under guises such as "multi-level marketing," "forced matrix" and "direct selling" whence building downline matters more than selling products or services. Not to mention clear and present risk of psychoemotional distress and abuse (howbeit subtle and gradual, taking final form spontaneously and without warning after gradual campaigns of "milk-before-meat"-stylee indoctrination and exploitation).

Hence: If these so-called "patriots" are as adamant as they are about "people-centred" socioeconomic rescue founded upon "help through self-help" models, then what would prevent them from actually giving due and serious study to the Raiffeisen Principles towards such Noble and Glorious Aims and Ends as but one approach?

And what would prevent the promotion of "help through self-help" campaigns of socioeconomic empowerment as aren't tainted by "Tea Party" and "9/12" ideology, the better to help the targeted actually empower themselves all the sooner along more realistic and viable lines for once?



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