19h23 UTC; FRIDAY, 5 DECEMBER 2014: Once again, it's become necessary for Your Correspondent to resort to musical parody, satire even, to make points about controversial or infamous issues rather than the more dry essay-type such otherwise dominant in this part of Teh Blogospheerez, as he thinks song parody is warranted in the circumstances to hand.

(tune: "How Did I Ever Get So Lucky?"
per the Cattanooga Cats, vintage 1969)

Who says we real people can't be trusted?
Who said we must be orthodox
When it comes to issues controversial
Or otherwise bound to cause scandal?
Who says we real people can't be trusted? (x2)

To such who insist that deviation
From the official point of view
Is bordering on Communism,
I'd like to ask this simple question:
Who says we real people can't be trusted? (x2)

Just so you know:
Communism and Fascism
Are not really one and the same....

And just where do you get the delusion
That we must probably be insane
If we reject the conservative prolefeeders
And the worldview they want us believing;
Who says we real people can't be trusted? (x2)

So educate yourselves
And recognise for once
That this is what Demlocracy
Looks like in all Reality--

(repeat first verse)

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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