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00h UTC; MONDAY, 6 AUGUST 2012: So much for the highly-delusional trope that GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney has been pushing of late suggesting that there is, or otherwise must be, a natural interconnexion between Realkultur and socioeconomic prosperity according to the disciplines of ekonomesie vryheid (read: capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics, as suggested of conservative prolefeeders per Frank Luntz "to make the concept [of capitalism] more acceptable to the masses") supposedly being Essential and Integral to AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar:

Such, in fact, calls to mind the very prospect of Nazi Germany leveraging the worst excesses of cartel behaviour (as epitomised by IG Farben) with its desire to promote "traditional German folk culture" through the Labour Ministry's Kraft durch Frude (KdF; Strength Through Joy) initiative as sought to pacify the working-classes into happy campers through appeals to conflated national and racial identity (cf. the ORION meme popular among White Supremacists in recent years) expected to improve workplace productivity and efficiency, the which at that same time saw some serious competition from the Stakhanovite movement of the then-Soviet Union.

(Stakhanovism, should you ask, got its name from Ukrainian coal miner Alexi Stakhanov, whom the Stalin regime used through much of the 1930's as a model for improving work efficiency across the then-Soviet Union, in its turn inspiring all manner of campaigns inspired by Comrade Stakhanov's improving coal-mining efficiency by breaking down the job into several different tasks, thereby setting a number of mining records.)

Or, for that matter, apartheid South Africa's desire of seeing themselves as God's Own Country, the Last Outpost of the White Man's Burden in the Face of Communist-Influenced Independence Movements Prevailing Across Africa in the 1960's well into the 1970's, through the agency (at least early on in the apartheid regime) of the Reddingsdaadbond (Rescue Action League, active from 1939 until 1957), whose Mission From God (as it were), for just 6d/month (of which 2d went into a group burial plan for its card-carrying members), was that of Empowering God's Chosen Volk, the Afrikaner, Ethno-Nationally, Culturally and Socioeconomically in their Own Natural Right (and seeing all as payback for British suffering and atrocities during the Boer War reducing the Afrikaner to second-class "poor white" status when the Great Depression's effects hit South Africa hard)--the which attaining its Final Perfection and Achievement in the "people-centred" Volkskapitalisme ("people's capitalism") model promoted by Afrikaner nationalists as one with "empowering" Afrikaners (the "poor whites" in particular) through jobs creation and on-the-job training as opposed to traditional capitalism's emphasis on mere wealth creation. Same to be made possible solely through the constant leveraging of the "idle monies" of the Afrikaner into "productive capital" to be made available to "deserving" enterprises (in the collective opinion of the hyper-Masonic Afrikaner Broederbond as was, in essence, the "inside of the inside" vis-a-vis apartheid), in particular through the influence of Afrikaner-owned banks, insurance companies, building societies, savings and credit cooperatives, investment funds and, last but not least, the further channelling of Afrikaner purchasing power through Afrikaner-owned businesses and cooperatives.

Which is probably what Governor Romney must actually have in mind in calling for "something dramatic" to stimulate the economy towards the creation of 12 million "real" jobs through ekonomesie vryheid, &c., over the course of his 4-year Presidential term ... which would work out to 3 million jobs/annum, or 250,000/month.

Assuming, of course, that said ekonomesie vryheid, &c., creates said jobs spontaneously and out of the collective goodness of their hearts and minds--which is highly unlikely, as any rocket scientist will tell you, with such tax policies as Romney hath in mind that, in the end, may be our betrayal to the "New World Order" and its "jack-booted thugs" lustily goose-stepping it to the strains of "Le Boudin." (And yet again, Governor Romney doesn't want to be reduced to using blackmail and thuggery as an agency of jobs creation.)

So what prevents Governor Romney's tacitly acknowledge the preceding as the "real" foundation of his  socioeconomic agenda?

And what stands in the way of us Real Americans (as opposed to the simulation conservative prolefeeders like packaging for obvious prolefeed ends) asking as much?

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