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18h UTC; MONDAY, 10 JUNE 2013: First off, readers, I thought I'd bring to your Notice and Attention a couple of changes I'd try out to see if such would actually help things along:
  • For want of serious and viable traffic, the Weekly Roundup component has been discontinued. However, if you wish to subscribe to my e-mail list (look for the Yahoo! Groups link off to the side), I do hope to incorporate a roundup of recent posts of interest in the occasional e-mail expected to issue therefrom.
  • In view of summer generally being a slow news season (otherwise known, at least in Fleet Street, as "the silly season"), it's possible that Your Correspondent may consider posting less frequently for the time being. Nonetheless, he'd appreciate your taking the time to share these posts with your friends in e-mail and social media thanks to the "share/save" button as follows these posts.
Your comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated in any event.

Something for the 'n Volk red homself crowd to think about: Their unwittingly subscribing to doublethink which holds, for one, that only by keeping taxes all the lower can REAL jobs be created in the private sector ... and yet, for another, that the Lower Classes "need to wean themselves off government dependency". Especially so in light of evidence suggesting that a typical Walmart Supercentre actually costs the Good Taxpayers of Our Dear Lovely Nation as much as $900,000/annum in terms of the welfare emouluments paid associates. And remember, "it's YOUR money, YOUR choices, YOUR future!"

Staying with Walmart for the nonce, expanding further on my previous suggestion for a more realistic "Real Walmart" commercial featuring a more realistically average Walmart shopper (the Dregs of the White Demographic, as in "poor whiteism" made flesh), perhaps a better rejoinder therefor would have to be the opening sequence of The Outer Limits, a Twilight Zone wannabe as aired on ABC from 1963 until 1966 that emphasised science fiction over fantasy--only before the title is revealed, cut to one of these choice "Splashbacks" promoting The Once and Future Waterpark Capital of the World, such rotated to heighten viewers' short attention spans and catch them off guard.

Thus doth the whole "Designated Driver" concept reduce itself to farce: The new issue of the professional journal Studies in Alcoholism and Drug Addiction features a study conducted in Gainesville, FL (as in the University of Florida) about whether the "designated driver" is mindful of his need for sobriety throughout--and it's not very pretty: Some 40% of those bar patrons who elected to act the Designated Driver role actually had blood-alcohol levels within the legal 0.08% mininum for inebriation ... and of that, 20% thereof had blood-alcohol levels of 0.5% or higher.

Which reminds Your Correspondent of a tacky little T-shirt showing an angry-looking cat in front of a Maserati appearing to hand you the keys in one hand while holding a beer in the other with the message "DESIGNATED DRINKER--YOU DRIVE!!"

Worth seeing on American Idol and suchlike in the face of deteriorating ratings: Saturday night's live finale of the latest edition of Britain's Got Talent will certainly be remembered between Land's End and John O'Groats for when host Simon Cowell got pelted with eggs on air, and then some, during the winning performance.



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