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00h UTC; SATURDAY, 23 FEBRUARY 2013: One thing is for certain out of all this snow that the Minnwissippi, whence Your Correspondent generates these schizophrenic ideas and observations in blog post form, got on the overnight of this past day: Not much in the way of drought relief lest more (and, as is traditionally the case, heavier, wetter) snow arrive within measurable distance, allowing the meltwater to percolate into the ground and thus replenish topsoil moisture.

As if the threat of enforced spending cuts, a/k/a "sequestration," upon the Federal Government wasn't bad enough, one needs to consider where the GOP/"Tea Party"/"9-12" mindset and mentality is rivalled only by that of the "No Retreat, No Surrender" such of the Apprentice Boys of Derry out Northern Ireland way. Only more jingoistic, more fanatical and tending to race-baiting rivalled only by apartheid South Africa desperate to maintain apartheid at any cost, even with the "Make Babies for Botha" campaign of the mid-1980's aimed at increasing white birth rates for the Greater Glory of God's Own Country.

(Just as reminder, any online shopping you undertake off this site--specifically, that which results in a purchase on your part and parcel, especially through the Online Mall--will help in its own way towards reducing the National Debt of the United States, as if you needed a valid cause to undertake online shopping with such a picayune and obscure blog as this.)

No wonder "Tea Party" and "9-12" types insist that any sort of socioeconomic stimulus
needs to be "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk," after the slogan of South African life insurer Sanlam in the 1930's and 1940's (what with its well-placed connexions to the Afrikaner Broederbond and affiliated entities serving the cause of Afrikaner Nationalism): Imagine them deploying campaigns on a par with fundraising from the more tastelessly pathetic pseudo-religious ministries of the "Prosperity Gospel" as are modelled on those down South Africa way calling upon the Afrikaner to "do the Volk and Nation a favour" (as it were) by giving their otherwise "idle monies" unto a Reddingsdaadfond as would leverage same into "productive capital" in service to the complete and final abolition of "poor whiteism" in South Africa as applied to the Afrikaner.

Said abolition taking the form of a "people-centred" form of capitalism--Volkskapitalisme, it was to be known and styled as--as was expected to emphasise jobs creation and training through Afrikaner enterprise as would, in its turn, constantly generate fresh "productive capital" out of the collective buying power of the Afrikaner. Or, put another way, seeking to convert the "pious sentiment" heretofore shown towards the poor (as through State charity and relief) into "jingling coin" as was expected to be leveraged all the more.

Which, in its turn, would beget the investment house Federale Volksbeleggings (FVB; "Federal People's Investments") in 1940, under Sanlam's management and trusteeship as per the Resolutions of the Eerste Ekonomesie Volkskongres at Bloemfontein in October 1939, thanks to well-placed "natural synergies" with the Broederbond. And, in 1948, would be further perfected with the launch of Bonuskor, as encouraged Sanlam policyholders entitled to bonuses on their policies to convert their right to said bonuses into investment fund shares out of the Greater Glory of the Volk and Nation. (Soon after South African independence in 1961, Bonuskor, having reached a statutory maximum holding of ZAR1 million, hived off a new investment fund, Sankor, in the same vein and spirit as Bonuskor.)

The prospect of which bears serious watching.

For such among you watching TV over the next few weeks, especially on cable or satellite channels, expect brief and transient signal outages of your favourite channels during especially the daylight hours: Twice a year, in the runup to the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes, Earth, Sun and satellites in their geostationery orbit are in precise alignment with each other. So try not to be concerned if you suddenly lose picture or otherwise get messages like "No Signal" or "One Moment Please;" these should be brief for the most part. However, if such persists for an extended length of time, call your cable or satellite provider for assistance.

Imagine this happening on one's summer vacation by the beach, in the cusp of one's passing from childhood into their flowering: A young boy, asked out of the rented beachhouse by his parents from after breakfast until just before suppertime "to give them some time to themselves" (or so the ruse would have it), all decked out in snorkelling gear for awhile ... suddenly stumbles unto a mermaid who's washed herself up on the beach near the beachhouse.

Why that may be, I know not; suffice it to say, though, that the mermaid is right out of legend, right down to the long blonde hair, bare breasts and slight musical chuckle in her voice when she comes across the boy. And in explaining why the boy has to be in such circumstances pretty much every day on the parents' word and advice, the mermaid senses an opportunity to make the boy's hours even more interesting while underwater.

Especially considering that he's at that time when he crosses the threshhold between kid and teenager, or soon will be; such gives the mermaid (and a few of her merfriends, who she manages to introduce to the kid all the while) much in the way of opportunities to teach him some interesting life lessons that the parents are reluctant to in such circumstances. Not to mention having plenty of opportunity to swim with dolphins in a more natural manner, as well as watch them mating in close range (dolphins, know, pretty much mate all the time) among such coral reefs as are near the beach in question that the mermaids consider their playground.

And just as things really start getting rather interesting in this regard, as our boy heads back home for supper after an afternoon's mermaidic adventures and fun--he discovers a loud and chaotic police raid on the beachhouse of his parents, who, it later emerges, spend their "quality time" perousing and downloading the crudest of child pornography via Wi-Fi interconnexion. No wonder the parents wanted the boy out of the house during the day all summer, fearing he "might take up space" or otherwise "cause problems" (to use the rather euphemistic expressions given him to explain things in case anybody asks). And asked in debriefings by police and child-welfare agents what he was otherwise doing all this time, our boy manages to avoid letting slip any detail about his time with the mermaids off local waters, learning some valuable life lessons in the process. (Perhaps they feared what might happen if details were leaked to the tabloids, especially The Sun and the Weekly World News, let alone The Onion.)

In any event, the boy is subsequently placed in foster care inasmuch as any further relatives they had were nonexistant or otherwise unwilling to handle him.



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