16h15 UTC; THURSDAY, 23 JANUARY 2014: At least one Fox Prolefeed guest was overheard recently with the implication that anyone opposed to the Greater Conservative Agenda as That Which Will Reclaim Thy Dear and Lovely Nation should be considered in the same league as the Evil and Sinister Forces of International Terrorism, al-Qaeda in particular.

Especially so such deemed as being of "liberal," "progressive" or otherwise "secular-humanist" thought, such considered in conservative thought to be anathema to "REAL AmeriKKKa" and its blindly-held acceptance of an idealised vision of "Traditional Values" that, more than anything, are really those of apartheid South Africa from the perspective of the "privileged" White Minority.

For those holding such a delusion, I have news for you:

We "liberals," "progressives" and "secular-humanists" are just as much Americans as those who you insist are entitled "as of right" to the mantle--as in "poor whites" whose minds can be easily manipulated with carefully-scripted and -nuanced platitudes, manufactured scandals having no relation to facts and a crude jingoism as can be manipulated to the extent necessary if and when circumstances require (especially where emotion and pathos most puerile are called for).

And WE ARE TERRORISTS--but not the kind you may be thinking about.

We who your kind regards as "enemies of the People and Nation" (as long as you see "Nation" in the context encapsulated in the racialist acronym ORION, as in "Our Race Is Our Nation").

We who you think must be "emotionally confused" or otherwise "mentally ill" without due regard for what mental illness really is, or what it's like to be so suffering.

We who your parents "warned us about" (or so the canard went).

Our terrorism is one of using the same "words-as-weapons" trope you insist on applying in your ideology and articles of faith to "win over hearts and minds," especially such who can be easily manipulated themselves because of their poverty, fecundity and ignorance, all perhaps willful.

Our arsenal is ideas. Practical, common-sense ideas, come to think of it, as opposed to warmed-over bumper-sticker slogans parroted ad nauseum at spontaneously-called mass rallies whose organisers offer Walmart gift cards as an inducement to attend.

Our mantle and our cloak are facts, rather than carefully-nuanced "talking points" in daily e-mail "guidance" which essentially parrots the prevailing line and slogans. (With occasional overtures to satire and snark as required to "get the message" delivered more effectively without attracting suspicion.)

Our strength and our shield are Reality, not some warmed-over misreading of Holy Scripture to reinforce your delusion that your agenda is Pleasing to His Name and Service, and His Luscious Glory.

Yes, we ARE terrorists. But not the kind of terrorist as prefers recourse to fear or violence to get across its message, especially where designs of martyrdom in its Luscious Glory come into play.

Instead, our terrorism is one of words. Ideas. Facts. And with History on our side as required ("Those who do not recall the past," &c.).

A terrorism best described as one of non-violence, one of ideas, one of snark--all with its object the desire to scare fear into the hearts of such who have reason to fear us Real Americans, let alone giving your ideal of "REAL AmeriKKKa" some manufactured Bogeyman to fear constantly. And besides: Words can be just as effective a weapon of terrorism, but one which carries in it the seeds of positive change.

Come to think of it: To such among you as insist we liberals, &c., are "terrorists," have you considered where you may be engaging in projection yourselves to avoid attracting the label of "terrorist" upon yourselves, as if fearing that such could be The Final Countdown for Thy Dear and Lovely Nation as eventually is Betrayed Unto the "New World Order" with its Brazen Contempt and Disregard of the Sovereignty and Experience of Nations as Endowed By His Divine Will and Glory (or so you insist on seeing things)?

Finally, a Public Service Message for such among the Real Americans still dependent upon the letterposts for their communication needs: From Sunday the 26th, letterpost rates will be increased thusly:
  • Domestic letters and cards: 49¢ for the first ounce + 21¢ each additional ounce, up to 3.5 ounces (i.e., 70¢ for two ounces, 91¢ for three).
  • Domestic postcards: 34¢.
  • International letters and postcards (including CDN and MEX): $1.15 per half-ounce.
As reminder, "Forever" stamps are good anytime, regardless of the prevailing letterpost rate when they're used.

Meanwhile, remember that our Online Boutique sells postage stamps which, in their way, serve as advertisement for this blog.

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