17h57 UTC; THURSDAY, 23 OCTOBER 2014: By now, you may or may not have heard the claim by Pat "700 Club" Robertson that Teh Gay are, and should be considered as, terrorists Endangering Our National and Sovereign Identity as Thy Dear and Lovely Land in the same league as misguided Islamist such.

What Meneer Robertson doesn't consider is that there are "Bible-Believing Christians" whose ideology and articles of faith are as misguided as such Islamists behind the so-called "Islamic State" movement in parts of Iraq and Syria, Nigeria's Boko Haram, al-Qaeda (or what remains of it) and suchlike others. Even when you factor in where many of these misguided "Christians" must probably adore apartheid South Africa in her Luscious Glory, especially under President Hendrik Verwowerd (1961-66) in his Luscious Glory of White Christian Power and Dominion Made Flesh--as well as his martyrdom (or so certain Unreconstructed Afrikaners insist) at the hands of a wannabe aide by way of a ceremonial sword.

Or is Meneer Robertson's desire here hoping for some specimen of his "REAL AmeriKKKans" to actually invoke the "Stand Your Ground" card in excusing the outright murder or real or suspected homosexuals on the basis of such a claim (and hopefully avoid Hate Crimes charges)?

I'll pass on the Hitler coffee creamer, dear: Via the "Grub Street" portion of New York magazine's website:
A Zurich-based retailer called Migros is frantically trying to recall several thousand mini-creamer packages that were issued ostensibly to commemorate a vintage cigar band series, but ended up featuring portraits of Hitler and Mussolini. You'd have to assume that the process went something like this: Someone saw that two of the most horrible people ever once appeared on cigar bands, thought the pictures were cool, and that person was a Martian. The sets are somehow still available on the company's website for now, but production of all dictator lids has been halted for now. Migros also has said it's done doing business with the third-party supplier, Karo-Versand.

Incredibly, the company learned what it had done only after seeing a reader-submitted photo in the paper 20 Minutes. In a very true statement, a company spokesman said nostalgic Hitler and Mussolini coffee creamers weren't "images accompanying a book about World War II, but rather something meant to be enjoyed with coffee and a chocolate cake," and as everybody knows, Hitler and House Blend do not mix. "You cannot put Pol Pot or a terrorist on a milk creamer," it wrote. "It is unacceptable."

Spot the doublethink here: As in conservative prolefeeders urging Americans to Honour and Support Our Veterans--unless, after the notion of Michael "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder" Savage, they have PTSD and similar conditions, in which case they should be regarded as "crybabies" of Questionable Loyalty and Patriot Love (or as the North Koreans would label such, "Suspect/Wavering").

Kudos to the Canadian Armed Forces, in their wisdom and judgment in the wake of Recent Unfortunate Events as saw members thereof killed, for asking its members (including reservists) to not wear their uniforms in public for the time being lest they "mark" themselves as easy targets for further copycat exercises in Extreem Ultraviolence.

Finally, with its being nearly a week since the funeral of my motherdear, and the collective sorrow ensuing across my greater family in the wake of her loss, I for one think I must be grateful for not having gone all to pieces wholesale over her loss, knowing that she's had a long and wonderful trip spanning 93 years on this earth. And knowing that she was a rather wonderful woman in her own way, in her own right.

Which may explain an unlikely raison d'être I have for not just this blog, but also my forthcoming Hanna-Barbera-flavoured fanfic blog (the which I may want to start on at the weekend): As a sort of therapy à bon marché to get over my mother's loss after quite the period of feeling poorly. I hope much for it in any event.

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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