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22h55 UTC; FRIDAY, 21 FEBRUARY 2014:
In any event, Your Correspondent would like to apologise at this time for his absence from Teh Innerwebz for the last couple days or so, the which was brought about by his previous computer (a desktop, know) having essentially gone Ka
put and then some on Tuesday this past week. The which, in any event, hastened the search for a replacedment PC.

Said search having been made all the more necessary because of the imminent winding up of online service on Microsoft's end for the WindowsXP operating system come April 8th ... and still in some class of an advanced stage when the old computer gave out. And for two days, Yours Truly lost any semblance of online interconnexion, including to social media.

In any event, Your Correspondent felt compelled to resort to his savings account
for which he had designs on returning to Wisconsin Dells this past summer to get the monies necessary for what has essentially become his new PC--a rebuilt, for the most part, Toshiba Satellite laptop with Windows7 which he's just getting used to at this time; hence, he would appreciate your forbearance as he gets adjusted to it. Especially with his printer now connected to a USB port, which also provides the mouse for said PC.

And he does apologise, in any event, for any missed assocations online during this transitionary period.

Your support of moi, anyhow, remains appreciated.

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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