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18h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 7 DECEMBER 2011: So much for the Ayn Randite Sanctii Sanctorum about the Virtue of Selfishness: Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius reminds us that "men exist for the sake of one another."

And which should be all the more important in the face of the weird and unwholesome seeing socioeconomic inequality and the concentration of wealth into the fewest hands possible as "holy" and at once "patriotic," especially when used in Indecision 2012-related prolefeed.


You may or may not have heard of a new study just out (as summarised at, the website of Entertainment Weekly magazine), which suggests that one's TV viewing may be a clear sign of your political leanings--as in such seeing themselves as Democrats or liberals being more likely to watch comedies or other light programming (as in The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report and Glee) and those identifying ideologically with Republicans or conservatives preferring reality-based shows emphasising industry (as in Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, Parks and Recreation and Coast Guard Alaska, for starters).

But then again, there are those who probably feel TV is too beneath their political and ideological dignity and consciousness (witness the likes of GOP Presidential wannabes Mitt Romney and Ron Paul declining an invite to appear on an upcoming Donald Trump-moderated Presidential Candidates Debate, citing where such is "beneath the dignity of the President of the United States")....


How do we know this wasn't exactly an Inside Job Seeking to Sabotage Walmart From Within in the first place?

Outside Atlanta, Walmart shoppers who purchased women's clothing there recently reported encountering used diabetic syringes in items of women's clothing there purchased to the point of experiencing pain in the fitting rooms vis-a-vis bras, panties, pyjama bottoms, shirts and pants. In any event, Walmart is paying for medical testing on afflicted shoppers and security tapes are being reviewed to see who exactly is responsible.


Latest GOP Presidential Wannabe to use their dogwhistle code term for Latinoamericano-model privatisation of Social Security (as in "offering private retirement accounts" to those entering the workforce): None other than Newt Gingrich "himself," who, according to Tim Murphy with Mother Jones magazine, may be his own worst problem when it comes to victory in Indecision 2012 when all is said and done. One can never be too careful with Zealots and True Believers like Newt, as Mein Innkeeper Friend likes to say.

Meanwhile, I suppose you've heard where House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi claims to have the dirt on Meneer Gingrich from back when he was Speaker of the House: Your Correspondent says, Bring. It. On. Especially considering where such documents are considered Public Record, Gingrich's claims to the contrary notwithstanding. (Not to mention providing plenty of juicy opportunities for Aunt Sally tactics galore, preferably through chain e-mails when done carefully.)


With Wisconsin, courtesy of Governor Scott Walker's Tools and Answers for Reclaiming Prosperity According to Capitalism with AmeriKKKan Characteristics in their socioeconomically-destructive Luscious Glory, being the job-loss leader over recent months, you can easily imagine all manner of scam operators from interstate seeking to exploit the ensuing situation, seeing in America's Dairyland a plum crop of suckers for what amounts to "make-work/fake work" schemes targeting the freshly-unemployed and such willing to work, but lacking in job or career skills, let alone social graces (in particular such residing in lower-income, National Minority-dominant or rural ZIP+4 areas).

Including, but not exactly limited to:
  • the old-reliable "home mailing" and "product assembly" scams (the former unlikely to be profitable by any means, what with high-volume mailing work essentially automated to the point of making short work from mass mailings at nominal cost, even allowing for pre-sorting and pre-barcoding to qualify for postage discounts, not to mention many such eventually asking you to repeat the same scam you responded to in the first place);
  • "work online" schemes out of touch with Reality big time, as in "data entry," "medical billing/coding" and "e-mail processing" (as may or may not involve willfully-manipulated software containing conscious and at once deliberate coding errors and/or mouchik ware activated when e-mail links are clicked on);
  • "Five Reports" and "Elite Gifting Program" chain letters using the likes of PayPal and similar to avoid Postal Inspectors, yet nonetheless invoking (howbeit incorrectly) the majesty and authority of 18 USC 1302 and 1341 to create the illusion of credibility (yet, as it turns out, risking enquiries under 18 USC 1343, which prohibits use of wireline, radio or TV communications--including Teh Innerwebz, IIBC--in furtherance of a fraud scheme); and
  • "multi-level marketing" schemes as are really little better than Ponzi schemes themselves, especially when the potential earnings are more likely to come from building downline (as in selling distributorships and/or "motivational materials" having little or no relation to the opportunity proper) than the sale of bona fide consumer products or services--"bait-and-switch," as it were.
The whole, in effect, being given tacit official sanction under the banner of "Wisconsin IS Open for Business" according to the guiding principle from the Afrikaans of 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself")--or, put rather bluntly, "you're on your own." Any attempt to seek outside assistance to be seen as one with "encouraging dependency" to the point of invoking the Mental Health Act for politically corrupt purposes.

So to those of you in Wisconsin who read this blog, BE CAREFUL of any "too-good-to-be-true"-sounding offers of home or online employment promising big-big income week after work just for doing "easy, pleasant work for just 1-2 hours a day," or some such Mickey Mouse. Especially where bulk mail campaigns or "spam-bombing" come into the equation as target Badger State addresses in every last county of its 72, replete with a mix of glittering generalities and paranoia about actual or imminent loss of income, employment and pride. As well, remember, too, that it's illegal to ask for money in advance as a condition of applying for work, never mind the likely patsies of such being a "deposit" theoretically "refunded" along with payment for the first tranche of work sent in (which can just as easily be withheld as being "below accepted standards," not usually explained in advance) or otherwise "covering the cost of materials" which you could purchase at the local Kmart, Dollar Tree or Shopko for much less (and raising questions of possible illegal business practices by being required to buy from affiliated suppliers at inflated markups).

Better yet, refer such to the Better Business Bureau Serving Wisconsin posthaste, as funding for official consumer-advocacy channels could be cut arbitrarily under the banner of "jobs creation." In the case of such sent through the letterposts, especially of the "gifting" sort, refer them to your local Postmaster, along with a polite note explaining where such may be illegal.

So how do we know Governor Walker, in his Luscious Glory of Delusion, won't collect some class of backhander from such scams as the preceding in exchange for an ur-"sovereign immunity" under the banner of "jobs creation"?

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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