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18h07 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 18 JANUARY 2012: As you're probably (un)aware of by now, a number of sites on Teh Innerwebz, the most prominent thereof being the English edition of Wikipedia, WordPress and, have "blacked out" for the day as a protest against two Hollywood-sponsored pieces of legislation known as SOPA ("Stop Online Piracy Act") and PIPA ("Prevent Internet Piracy Act"), which Hollywood sees as necessary to prevent the "rampant and unchecked" spread of online piracy of copyrighted films, TV programmes and recorded music as are eventually offered free gratis on Teh Innerwebz by sites tending to dubious connexions.

And which activists like myself (not to mention President Obama) contend would pose clear and present harm to innovation and creativity which Teh Innerwebz is making all the easier, which is made all the easier thanks to (or so conservative prolefeed wants us believing) ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te dien" all the more. Come to think of it, President Obama's objections to SOPA and PIPA may be making all the difference in Congress, now back in session after the holiday break; a procedural vote in the Senate to bring forward PIPA is expected to fail, and Rep. Darrell Issa (GOP/CA) has made no secret of his desire to invoke procedural tactics to prevent SOPA's being voted on, contending there are "more urgent matters" to deal with (which, if anything, have gross and utter disconnect from Reality, what with their likely addressing "Tea Party" articles of faith having no real regard for Reality anyway).


If there's one thing ideologically that the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement and their spiritual brethren among the proto-Fascist/Nazi types who managed to "keep the flame alive" (so to speak) after Nazism was defeated in World War II (as in Spain's Falangists under Franco, Portugal's Estado Novo under Salazar and Caetano and apartheid South Africa's Christian Nationalism), it would have to be that which sees children to be property of the State, to be used at the State's will and discretion through officially-sponsored youth organisations in aid of the State's Greater Will and Luscious Glory (such as in oversimplified, bumper-sticker-slogan heavy, mass-agitprop campaigns where goon-squad sadism can be deployed as required), all the while holding themselves out as Defenders of Traditional Moral and Family Values thanks to Church and State being all the more interlocking ideologically.

(No doubt explaining a rather blatant strain of anti-Communism prevailing among these last holdouts of Fascistic/Nazi ideology, which shoud serve as clear and present reminder to one and all that Communism, Fascism and Nazism are ideologically incompatible; remember that the Nazis in particular were uneasy about the spread of "Bolshievism," as the Nazis usually referred to Communism, and the then-Soviet Union was on the side of the British and Americans in World War II out of common opposition to Nazi tyranny, especially with the Nazis having designs on seizing German-speaking parts of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, only to be thwarted by prolonged sieges of Stalingrad [now Volgograd] and Leningrad [now St. Petersburg] over the winter of 1942-43.)

The which Your Correspondent mentions because of a freshly-released study you may have heard about on the news from a childrens' rights group, contending that children resident in high-tax states (particularly in the North) have better opportunities for education, emotional development and upbringing than such living in states where low-tax policies held deeply and dearly by "Tea Party" types hold high carnival.

The interconnexions may be rather interesting, come to think of it.


And how do we know the "Tea Party" isn't now turning to "419" scams as a money-raising tactic targeting in particular the "patriot" types with emotionally-driven pleas such as the following (as received of Your Correspondent in the "spam" folder of his e-mail account, know):
Dear Friend
My Name is Mrs Susan Tubman, I am a soldier, Knowing one another is a gradual process and here are few things I think you should know about me, I am a soldier serving in the UK/American Army base in Scotland UK, before they send me to Iraq and I leaded a troop in Iraq, I served in the military of the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq.I just came back because the war is over in Iraq and our flag is already down.

Actually i contacted you to know if we can handle this opportunity together because i can not handle it myself neither any body from the same country, My fellow officer have about $5.5 Million deposited in Malaysia and this money we made it from the big amount of money we got from Saddam Hussein during the time of his arrest. unfortunately the officer was among our soldiers that lost their life's in Iraq.

Since I am still working for the government I cannot keep these money and cannot send it with my name for time being so I just want you to act as the next of kin to the deceased to receive it in your country, because if I fail to move this money out soon I will lose it and it might also exposed to the Government.

I assure you its risk free and its success is 100% guaranteed.Because i have all the vital information's about the deposit and the deceased.

When you receive the money you can take thirty percent of the total sum for your personal use and keep the remaining for me until I come to see you.or i advice you on how you can transfer direct to me.

If you are interested then you can get back to me immediately so that i will tell you what to do.

The which, in any case, raises such questions as the following vis-a-vis the sincerity and authenticity of this plea:
  1. Was there actually a "Mrs. Susan Tubman" as served in Iraq with the Army's 3rd Infantry Division, let alone her being a "flesh-and-blood" person in physical form? If so, when were her tours of duty in Iraq?
  2. How do we know we're not dealing with impersonation here (supposedly to create an aura of trust and credibility), thereby raising questions of Stolen Valour (notwithstanding where the Stolen Valour Act has been voided by the Supreme Court on First Amendment grounds)?
  3. In what capacity did this "Mrs. Tubman" serve in the Army, and at what rank and pay grade?
  4. Was "Mrs. Tubman" discharged honourably? If not, was she given Less Than Honourable or Dishonourable Discharge, and if so, on what grounds? Was a court-martial involved in the discharge?
  5. How do we know we're not dealing with counterfeit banknotes (or, for that matter, cut-up pieces of gazettas in simulation of banknotes) vis-a-vis this booty of the former Saddam Hussein regime?
  6. Doesn't this booty (to a supposed value of US$5.5 million) rightly belong to the Iraqi Government, and what prevented the troops responsible for its "discovery" (if that) from reporting such to their superior officers according to prevailing chain of command?
  7. With what banking-house in Malaysia was this money supposedly deposited?
  8. How do we know the Iraqi Government isn't actually claiming this booty as Plundered Assets of State, in which case such would become property of the Iraqi Treasury or the Iraqi Central Bank?
  9. Where in international law and convention does it say that discovery of Plundered Assets of State held outside the banking system are considered Spoils and Booty of War, as thence becomes property of such making the actual discovery? If so, what would be the specific circumstances and requirements for such to ensue?
  10. How do we know the discovery of said booty actually occured?
  11. As is common with "419" scams generally, how do we know such falling for this plea (in particular such experiencing serious financial problems, pleading the old res angusta domi, &c.) won't wind up being subjected to all manner of stalling and/or delaying tactics preventing actual release of any "monies" in question such as whimsical and otherwise fatuous "taxes," "administrative fees," "processing fees," "stamp duties," &c., as could translate into serious financial harm (including compromised or damaged credit histories as could prevent the respondent's getting a better job or affordable owner-occupancy housing)?
  12. What "Tea Party" sects and organisations have been especially involved with "419" fraud invoking the Iraq/Afghanistan conflict, and supposed Spoils and Booty of War involving Plundered Assets of State?
  13. How much has the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement generated in such sham "fees," "taxes," &c., as above, thanks to "419"-type schemes? How was such plunder eventually laundered, and if so, was it in service to "Tea Party" aims and objectives not otherwise involving "consulting fees" payable to such among "the Four Hundred" as are controlling the (pseudo)movement all the while?
  14. Is the "Tea Party" aware that participation in scams of the "419" sort (whose name, BTW, comes from that section of the Nigerian Criminal Codex as deals with Frauds Against the Nigerian Government) is illegal?
  15. Whence did the "Tea Party" get the brilliant idea of using "419" scams as a discreet, and at once cheerful, fundraiser playing upon the latent and easily-manipulated patriotic feelings inherent in the vulnerable and easily-led as are plum targets for "Tea Party" recruitment and exploitation?
In any event, there is a free-no-cost way you can check the military records of anyone, including such whose names are invoked in "419" scam letters such as this: All you need do is complete and return Standard Form 180 (which can be downloaded, and printed off Teh Innerwebz, right here), or otherwise send a letter giving as much perintent detail as you can provide, to the National Personnel Records Centre, One Archives Dr., St. Louis, MO 63138-1002; alternately, they can be faxed to a/c 314-801-9195. All responses are sent by letterpost, and at least 90 days' time should be allowed to lapse for reply.


So much for the excesses of "Our Sarah" in calling upon the Good Voters of South Carolina, preparatory to Saturday's GOP Presidential Primary in The Palmetto State, to vote for Newt Gingrich as the preferred GOP Presidential Nominee (although stopping short of full-on endorsement, mind you), which she sees as of Utmost Importance to Save Our Dear Lovely Nation From Itself by drawing out the pre-vetting process to ensure that "only the right Presidential candidate" (preferably a White Christian Conservative of the most hard-wired sort) is chosen.

The eventual aim she hath, methinks, is one of having Our Beloved AmeriKKKa claiming out of abeyance the title apartheid South Africa claimed of "God's Own Country" with a hint of arrogance reeking of Luscious Glory with Calvinist overtones, said abeyance ensuing after the fall of apartheid and its racist excesses in 1994 in favour of a multi-racial, multi-party democracy.

Meanwhile, how do we know "Our Sarah" was indeed "native-born" for the purposes and intents of Presidential qualifications (cf. Article II, section I(d), United States Constitution)? And what otherwise prevents her revealing her birth certificate as can establish this for valid fact?

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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