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00h UTC; MONDAY, 14 JULY 2014: There seems to be the view in certain circles misguided as excuses certain outdated agencies, programmes and institutions persisting in these otherwise "enlightened" times as being essential to community unity and identity by packaging such as being "Jewels in the Crown" or "Pearls of Great Price" to justify their continued presence--especially where funding has repeatedly been cut to the point that further cuts therefor could pose Clear and Present Harm to such so presented to the community (especially so the less-enlightened or otherwise easily-exploited populace) and, in their turn, to the greater community.

Which Your Correspondent can relate to: Following his hasty placement back in Winona in the fall of 1981 thanks to funding cuts forcing my being relocated out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin (whence he was referred for Vocational Rehabilitation, eventually to suffer the abuse and torment of the county's Day Treatment programme which seemed to have this "Jewel in the Crown" mindset, judging by the mindsets of counselling staff), the landlady of a board-and-care home that he was referred to (inasmuch as they were the only one with vacancies at the time) could repeatedly be heard telling Yours Truly that he was responsible, by virtue of his "outspoken tendencies," for the closing some years earlier of a local children's home (as if such was seen  thereby as a Pearl of Great Price to the community). (In fact, the real reasons the home closed were issues of structural inregrity for what's now an over 150-year-old mansion vis-a-vis renovation costs and the concept of warehousing children deemed to be In Special Need being seen as outdated and cost-ineffective.)

As well, you have a local sheltered workshop dedicated (in theory) to training disabled persons for employment and the work market, yet had a repute for holding people back from Community-Based Employment services out of a need to protect their per diem subsidy levels by maximising such in the worst possible way, as if suggesting where they were some class of a "Jewel in the Crown" vis-a-vis the community, with elements of fear and loathing about the risk of employing the disabled translating into complaints of "reverse bias" or "union-busting."

No wonder such who harbour delusions about "jewels in the crown" or "pearls of great price" must have no regard for the Real World (and not so much the MTV model).

Over the weekend, public radio's A Prairie Home Companion went into summer reruns by repeating a November 1985 broadcast from Los Angeles (obviously inspired by the recent 40th Anniversary broadcast from where it all started, Macalaster College in St. Paul, MN) which featured among its routines a mock soap opera entitled "Texas Truck Drivers," under the "sponsorship" of Prairie Dog Granola Bars (advertised as "healthier than chewing tobacco, and you don't have to spit!") ... which, come to think of it, makes sense.

Unless, for some reason, the makers thereof sneaked in a quantity of Benzedrine in every bar to maintain mental alertness in the product's supposed target audience of long-haul truck drivers--especially among disreputable trucking operators such as Walmart, which is now being sued for Negligent Homocide by comedian Russell Brand vis-a-vis serious injuries on his part and the deaths of two of his companions back in June on the New Jersey Turnpike when a Georgia-based driver therefor who had no sleep for over 24 hours rammed the back of a limobus that Brand had hired in connexion with an Eastern tour.

In fact, it may be interesting to know if Walmart is willfully issuing Benzedrine or similar drugs to its drivers for the sake of maintaining performance and alertness, and like candy even (yet being asked not to question such policies).

No doubt best applied to conservative Zdealots, True Believers and prolefeeders.

The way the Christian Right insists that we should study and emulate their "REAL AmeriKKKa" ideal as sees things in the rather narrow prism of a "Christian" worldview condoning racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobic nativism, anti-Semitism and a delusional belief in socioeconomic self-reliance that would make Jucheism look like Walt Disney World in the final analysis misses the mark on these two points:
  1. The use of religion as an agent of coercive control and dominion by conservative political elements; and
  2. The inherent appeal of its message to a Moronic Underworld otherwise having no real socioeconomic or career prospects, thanks in some measure to their hard-wired and fanatical delusions of grandeur.
Hence, such a worldview is highly unlikely to have any serious impact on Real American Thought. Or, if it did, such deserves being challenged.

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