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00h18 UTC; TUESDAY, 8 JULY 2014: Such is the assertion of House of Reprehensibles Speaker John Boehner that his dear and lovely "REAL AmeriKKKa" is being "injured" all the more by President Obama's supposed "perversion of Constitutional Power and Authority" in bypassing Congress to push all manner of policy changes.

However, Your Correspondent has to wonder if Speaker Borhner's resorting to projection to project his Good and Loyal Drookies in the "Tea Party," "9/12" and "Christian Patriot" (pseudo)movements wanting to find some cheap way to have the President impeached for no other reason than out of racist animus making apartheid South Africa in her Luscious Glory (especially before the arrival of television there in 1976) look like a cheap bus tour involving the Branson "music shows" replete with subtle Christian Nationalist prolefeed so as not to scare audiences away.

No doubt an apt reflection on "Tea Party" prolefeeders in particular.

Meanwhile, is this "silly season" reaching the point where Your Correspondent might want to find it expedient to post less often, absent some decent and worthwhile fodder aside from what amounts to inherent prolefeed as is really no better than Aunt Sally in the making?

So until next time, folks ... "73"

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