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18h UTC; TUESDAY, 7 MAY 2013: Elmer Gantryite, "Tea Party" and suchlike prolefeeders like to go over-the-top emo from time to time about Our Dear Lovely Nation, Successor to Apartheid South Africa for the Title of God's Own Country as of Natural and Divinely-Ordained Right, being all the more closer to Clear and Present Danger of Her National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations Being Compromised and Usurped by Dark and Sinister Forces (especially from Without) Having No Respect nor Regard for the Sovereignty and Traditional Identity of Nations, with the end result being the "New World Order" (presumably) assuming suzerainity and control upon our Nation.

More often than not, reinforced with especially crude, paranoid and baseless prolefeed insisting that just one false slip from the Obama Administration or others in positions of (presumed) auhtority, power, confidence or trust will only Bring Our Dear Lovely Nation to the Brink of Spontaneous and Wholesale Heartbreak and Sorrow Which Our Sworn Enemies are Likely to Exploit Under Certain Circumstances--same, more often than not (e.g., North Korea following the December 2011 death of then-"Great Leader," now "Eternal First Secretary," Kim Jong Il), manufactured to maximise prolefeed value globally.

(And History provides plenty other examples in this vein--among them Argentina after Evita Peron's sudden death from uterine cancer in 1952, Soviet majordomo Josef Stalin's decease in 1953, even apartheid South African President Hendrik Verwoerd's being stabbed to his death with a ceremonial sword by an aide in 1966.)

The which, left uncontrolled for reasons other than to provide the Moronic Underworld with a cheap, if brief, distraction from their unfortunate state of poverty, fecundity and ignorance, could cross the line into serious fanaticism (as was the case when Evita Peron's remains were displayed in the foyer of Argentina's Labour Ministry in Beautiful Downtown Buenos Aires for over a week; the queues for Argentina's many millions of "shirtless ones" to pay final respects to "Santa Evita" stretched out as long as three miles in all directions, and her funeral procession was said to be rather ostentatious, especially as crowds lined the Plaza de Mayo. But it was not without tragedy on the side; six people were trampled to death as the glass-topped casket made its way inside the Labour Ministry to lie in state, hoping for an especially close glimpse).

In any event, the very notion of supposedly "spontaneous heartbreak and sorrow" for Our Dear Lovely Nation in preferably Andrea Yates stylee (as in bawling about her three "demonically possessed" children needing to be drowned in the bathtub because Jesus told her to do so), replete with calls for invoking Die Gelofte aan Bloedrivier to Save Our Dear Lovely Nation in This Her Dearest Hour of Peril and Imminent Sorrow and Darkness, can easily be taken to exaggerated and over-the-top extremes as risk crossing the line into rumours holding high carnival--especially thanks to Teh Innerwebz and social media, and hopefully with little or no time to seek independent verification of claims.

One likely scenario to watch out for the prospect of "spontaneous and wholesale heartbreak and sorrow prevailing" being the prolefeed trope of the hour from certain circles Who Should Know Better: The clear and present imminence of The Oxycontin Boar (t/n Rush Limbaugh) going the same path as Harold Beal in the 1975 movie Network (if you still recall that one)--i.e., ratings and advertising revenue being at such a low ebb that Drastic Measures are deemed necessary to put the show out of its misery.

In Beal's case, the network's bringing in hired terrorists to kill off Beal just as his nightly broadcast went to air, and getting off scot-free even as the murder was shown on live national television.

In Limbaugh's, the possibility of Cumulus Media cancelling Limbaugh from its 40 major-market talk stations (its New York flagship, WABC-AM, being whence Limbaugh's show originateth) when current contracts expire at the end of the year, citing ongoing losses in ad revenue since l'affaire Sandra Fluke back in February/March 2012 triggered populist umbarge and online "name-and-shame" campaigns forcing some 2,000 national and local advertisers to leave the show, with Public Service Announcements and otherwise disreputable advertisers filling the breach at new cut prices. (Limbaugh, for his part--according to Politico, as broke the story online Sunday evening--is playing the DARVO [Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender] card, as it were, to try and avoid  responsibility therefor on his own part.)

That, and Clear Channel's Premiere Radio Networks unit, as syndicates Limbaugh to over 600 stations nationwide, facing the prospect of having to cancel Limbaugh's contract, otherwise set to expire at the end of 2016, to deal with heavy corporate losses., in an item discussing the prospect of Limbaugh's crash-and-burn, elaborates somewhat:
Rather than conduct a clear-eyed self-examination and try to determine the root of the problem, Limbaugh has instead decided to lash out at his partners and, effectively, free market economics. He blithely spends hours on end delivering slobbering paeans to the virtues of capitalism, but when the market expresses its distaste for his rampant vulgar misogyny, he cowers in a defensive posture and hypocritically attacks the financial system he pretends to revere.

Should his threats prove to be more than a calculated tantrum to squeeze out a better contract, Limbaugh could find himself off the air in some major cities. He would likely find other stations to pick up the show, but he would also suffer from the transition. His show could go dark until new stations are found and they can unwind current contracts to make room for him. He would also create some heavyweight competition in what ever Cumulus puts on in his place.

In the end it’s fun to watch hypocrites flounder around when the tides turn against them and they have to make excuses for why the markets they swear by are rejecting them so fiercely.
Secretly, though, there's also the possibility of Limbaugh's openly and tacitly (insincerely, even) whining and bawling and boohoohooing on air within measurable distance about "secret conspiracies and plots being hatched" against his programme as much as his person--as usual, lacking any credible evidence beyond forgeries of the "Hitler Diaries" stylee (cf. radio dominie Fr. Charles Coughlin's fanatically-driven paranoia from the late 1930's on until being forced off the air shortly after Pearl Harbour forced America into World War II, made even more so by revelations of his associations with neo-Fascist and neo-Nazi elements and his passing off as original sermons verbatim translations of remarks from high-level Nazi officials sometimes made just within the week previous, replete with claims that he was willing to go the martyr's path if need be rather than suffer the stigma of cowardice by leaving the air outright and of his own free will).

Which, come to think of it, Meneer Limbaugh deserves. And which he alone brought on.

And for which he should accept full culpability therefor.

And we can do without the possibility of "sponatenous and wholehearted national heartbreak and sorrow" such as you claim is likely to ensue in the wake of any "martyrdom" as awaits you, including the possibility of an on-air heart attack followed by several minutes of "dead air" waiting for medical help to arrive (replete with absurd claims of a super-secret "watch list" of real or suspected "troublemakers" undeserving of medical treatment or rescuitation per a super-secret clause of ObamaCare's enabling legislation via social-media-powered rumour mills going into full power as the first bulletins emerge).



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