18h12 UTC; SUNDAY, 4 JANUARY 2015: When you get right down to it, perhaps the one Federal court trial to watch in 2015 would have to be that of Alharbi v. Beck, et al., over repeated claims by paleoconserative prolefeeder Glenn Beck following the Unfortunate Events following the 2013 Boston Marathon that the plaintiff in question was the "financial mastermind" behind same that were false and baseless, to the extent of causing the plaintiff serious mental and emotional harm.

Even if Federal court proceedings, as a rule, aren't usually telecast, such will want to be worth watching.

Particularly if Mr. Beck is asked questions about the techniques of prolefeeding used on his syndicated radio programme and his streaming-video portal TheBlaze.com ... who his "real" paymasters are when it comes to the tone and nuance of content (and why such aren't directly credited on air, notwithstanding Federal law requiring such) ... and what explains his overly fanatical Islamophobic tone and feelings on air and online, never mind a desire to Reclaim Thy Dear and Lovely Land as a White Christian Nation First and Foremost.

Never mind where the ConWeb is likely to present ideologically-charged canards and platitudes in what passeth for "coverage" thereof (howbeit on forged press credentials), the revelations should certainly be enow to prompt outrage and unease among Real Americans at just how guillable and easily-exploitable we are as a People and Nation for right-wing prolefeed in its several forms, and the techniques deployed in its name and service (especially where sound journalistic ethos are thrown under the bus in service to warped ideology). And enough for a reaction to start turning against paleoconservative prolefeed by as much the listening and viewing public as advertisers and broadcasters.

So what would stand in the way of preparing for such proceedings?

Meanwhile, satellite-TV company Disn Network deserves praise for its continued dumping of Fox News Channel and Fox Business from their programming lineup, now in its third week from what I understand; for the record, Dish contends that the blackout is because of a dispute over retransmission fees News America Corporation, as owns Fox News, wants Dish to pay on a per-subscriber basis.

Let's hope a few cable-TV systems (especially in smaller communities as are too easily receptive to the sort of prolefeed pushed by Fox News) follow along and drop said channels, replacing such with a more cosmopolitan and at once responsible news channel such as BBC World News, DW-TV, France 24, al-Jazeera America or NHK Global, rejecting any insincere patsies Fox News will want to start pushing about their being "essential or protected news programming" requiring "mandatory carriage" on cable systems (cf. attempts by Sun News Network in Canada before the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission [CRTC], the FCC's Canadian counterpart, to require Mandatory Carriage on Canadian cable-TV systems; wisely, IMHO, the CRTC held Sun News to be a "niche news channel" unworthy of Mandatory Carriage, never mind Sun News contending that CBC Newsworld and CTV News Channel were originally thus subject as being Canadian-content news programmes, but is no longer the case).

So till next time, folks: "73"

(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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