18h50 UTC; SATURDAY, 17 JANUARY 2015: In response to some rather contemptuous remarks towards the disabled from the ilk of Rush Limbaugh, Ted Nugent and Sen. Rand Paul this past week alone as have the effect of questioning their Loyalty and Patriot Love for Thy Dear and Lovely Land, Your Correspondent wishes to bring this exploitation-film classic (as in Tod Browning's 1932 production Freaks, which was reputedly banned in 35 countries upon release because of its humiliating content (Great Britain, in fact, banned the film well until the 1960's For God, King and Empire).

Wikipedia's entry on the film explains the plot thus:
The film opens with a sideshow barker drawing customers to visit the sideshow. A woman looks into a box to view a hidden occupant and screams. The barker explains that the horror in the box was once a beautiful and talented trapeze artist. The central story is of this conniving trapeze artist Cleopatra, who seduces and marries sideshow midget Hans after learning of his large inheritance. Cleopatra conspires with circus strongman Hercules to kill Hans and inherit his wealth. At their wedding reception, Cleopatra begins poisoning Hans' wine. Oblivious, the other "freaks" announce that they accept Cleopatra in spite of her being a "normal" outsider; they hold an initiation ceremony in which they pass a massive goblet of wine around the table while chanting, "We accept her, we accept her. One of us, one of us. Gooba-gobble, gooba-gobble". The ceremony frightens the drunken Cleopatra, who accidentally reveals that she has been having an affair with Hercules. She mocks the freaks, tosses the wine in their faces, and drives them away. The humiliated Hans realizes that he's been played for a fool and rejects Cleopatra's attempts to apologize, but then he falls ill from the poison.

While bedridden, Hans pretends to apologize to Cleopatra and also pretends to take the poisoned medicine that she is giving him, but he secretly plots with the other freaks when to strike back at Cleopatra and Hercules. In the film's climax, the freaks attack the evil pair during a storm, wielding guns, knives, and other sharp-edged weapons. Hercules is not seen again (the film's original ending had the freaks castrating him; the audience sees him later singing in falsetto). As for Cleopatra, she has become a grotesque, squawking "human duck". The flesh of her hands has been melted and deformed to look like duck feet, her legs have been cut off and what is left of her torso has been permanently tarred and feathered. She is the opening scene's cause for alarm.

In a final scene MGM inserted later for a happier ending, Hans is living a millionaire's life in a mansion. Venus and her clown boyfriend Phroso visit, bringing Frieda, to whom Hans had been engaged before meeting Cleopatra. Hans refuses to see them, but they force their way past his servant. Frieda assures Hans that she knows he tried to stop the others from exacting revenge. Phroso and Venus leave, and Frieda comforts Hans when he starts to cry.
I, for one, certainly hope such specimens of paleoconservatism, and the prolefeed which enables such, who see the disabled as Freaks and Travesties of Nature on the same level as homosexuals and suchlike "degenerates to the Natural Order", in seeing this movie (especially considering where the original, more explicitly graphic, scenes of Pre-Code Hollywood Luscious Glory at its finest, have since been lost), will realise that the disabled are NOT freaks worthy of display at county fairs in dirt-poor scions of socioeconomic privation such prolefeed wants depicted as "REAL AmeriKKKa," that we are people just as much as anybody else. Especially where the Half-Dog, Half-Cat, Half-Track from the "Fender Bender 500" portion of Wake, Rattle and Roll is used as the barker's stage.

And I hope such may want to be shared with your hard-wired "Tea Party"/"Christian Patriot"-deluded uncle to the extent that he's reduced to Al Cohol for comfort and solace, only to become his wrack and ruin.

So till next time, folks: "73"

(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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