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18h05 UTC; SATURDAY, 24 JANUARY 2015: So much for the Grand Delusion held deeply and dearly by especially "Tea Party"-tending Congressionals which suggests that the best and only approach to "saving" Medicare and Medicaid so as to make it more "people-centred" (and, in the process, "adding taxpayer value") is to essentially convert such into vouchers to allow the targeted to buy their own health cove "guided solely by the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace" so seen as Essential to AmeriKKKa's National and Sovereign Interest, thereby "helping REAL AmeriKKKans help themselves The AmeriKKKan Way!" (or so their snarky, puerile prolefeed would have it): Maybe it was time to ask these questions of your Congressional delegation, be it by e-mail or through social media conduits through the links as follow this post, in respect of this Grand Delusion:
  • Just how sure are you that a voucher-based model of Medicate and Medicaid is indeed "people-centred"?
  • Just how sure are you that taxpayer value for money is being served by conversion of Medicare and Medicaid into voucher-based models? Are there any actual scientifically-tested studies and research available which confirms this thesis, and is it available in plain-language summaries?
  • How do we know such an approach will actually translate into lower consumer costs for health cover, especially if it emerges that the vouchers will only be accepted more than likely by politically-connected insurers, Health Maintenance Organisations (HMO's) or Medical Savings Schemes, thereby putting paid to your belief in Greater Options, Wider Selection, Lower Prices thereby realised because of competition and "leveraging the power and intrusion of advertising and marketing" through potentially deceptive and misleading means?
  • What sort of educational campaigns would there be in mind to explain the need for such conversion? Would they be accurate, impartial, unbiased and at once responsible, without recourse to dogwhistle code which can deceive, mislead, take advantage of the poor and unsophisticated even?
  • What sort of checks and balances would there be in place to protect the interests of all stakeholders in such a Noble Experiment--as in the Good Taxpayers, the Medicare/Medicaid clientele, insurers, actuaries and the State as well?
  • How do we know fraudulent, misleading or deceptive sales practices on the part of insurers will be avoided (including, for one, putting salesmen on quotas and under instructions to use high-pressure sales methods which could excuse forgery of signatures on the applications and even creating sham applicants to inflate sales numbers, especially where commissions come into play)?
  • Is the impact of future consumer-price inflation being duly considered in such a concept, especially in considering the impact of declining purchasing power as could vary depending on how inflation emerges in future (including the prospect of "currency reforms" reeking of devaluation)?
  • How many states do you know of as are actually seeking Federal waivers at this time to convert their traditional "fee-for-service" model Medicaid schemes into voucher-based such, with the Federal funding as seeks to subsidise Medicaid or equivalent schemes converted into block grants without any sort of oversight expected? Do such requests for waivers deliberately avoid any sort of oversight or monitoring requirements to protect stakeholders' interests?
  • How many sovereign peculiars elsewhere in the world already have voucher-based schemes for the purchase of health cover as their national health services policies? Do they generate serious taxpayer value? Are they actually "people-centred"? Have same actually encouraged marketplace competition based on sound market practice? What lessons could Thy Dear and Lovely Land learn thereby?
  • Are the cost savings expected compared with maintaining the status quo for Medicate and Medicaid actually realistic, even allowing for future inflation and potential dilution of consumer purchasing power?
  • "Have you stopped beating your wife?"
The sooner these questions are asked all the more (and politely, mind you), the better the debate will become.

And before any of you specimens of "Teapotter" Zealotry and True Belief accuse me of being a "Communist" by this approach I have just taken, or otherwise question my Loyalty and True Patriot Love for Motherland, I insist that you show proof of your claims. Especially where supported by at least two impartial witnesses, and not by hearsay or rumour. Besides, your rather absurd conflation of Communism, Fascism and Nazism ideologically is itself ideologically flawed; go look them up in your Funk & Wagnalls beforehand.

So till next time, folks: "73"

(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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