In other words, "God wants Spiritual Fruits, NOT Religious Nuts."
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18h43 UTC; MONDAY, 19 HANUARY 2015: Your Correspondent understands where anti-abortionists of the most hard-wired, "For My God and My Country" stylee even,want a National General Strike called in the hopes of a "complete and final" end to legal abortion in Thy Dear and Lovely Land. Honestly now: Isn't this a rather illogical rationale for calling a General Strike when it's unlikely to generate the spontaneous mass support such Zealots and True Believers hope for?

And aren't abortion opponents generally aware of what can happen to whole nations when abortion is banned completely and finally--as was the case in Romania under Nicolae Ceausescu's rather brazen Communist regime between 1966 and its 1989 overthrow in the wake of the Berlin Wall's collapse (only the rationale given for such "pro-life" policies was to Hasten the Final Achievement of Pure Socialism per Marxist/Leninist models and concepts, unaware that such failed to consider the prospect of serious labour surpluses stateside, in its turn creating a potentially dangerous risk of "hooliganism" and "social parasitism" among such who were unable to find work in such a dystopic regime)?

So till next time, folks: "73"

(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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