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18h35 UTC; THURSDAY, 22 JANUARY 2015: Your Correspondent, for one, can do without the rather unscientifically irrational prolefeed certain misguided religious elements may have within measurable distance as seeks to exploit the late measles outbreak down California way as originated with--wait for it--as unlikely a place as Disneyland (which, to make matters worse, is coming in this its 60th Anniversary Year), the which has sickened some 50 people (many such rejecting vaccination for measles based on rather unscientific claims, since discredited, linking autism and mental disorders in children with certain vaccines, including the "3-in-1" measles/mumps/rubella [MMR] such).

Especially when they contend that said outbreak is Divine Wrath and Judgment Upon Disney for its Accepting Perverted and Unnatural Sexual Relationships Contrary to His Will and Prophecy Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Land (as witness the "Gay Days" festivals at Disneyland and Walt Disney World down Florida way).

Or, alternately, as a Warning to Prepare for the Clear and Present Imminence of the Latter Rain as will Herald the Luscious Glory of His Second Coming and the Final Achievement and Perfection of Civitas Dei On Thy Dear and Lovely Land, in so doing Reclaiming from Abeyance the Title Formerly Held by Apartheid South Africa of "God's Own Country" to Aid in the Reclamation of Thy Dear and Lovely Land to His Luscious Glory, all that Mickey Mouse. (Come to think of it, how exactly did the primary mascot of the Walt Disney organisation become a synonym for the cheap, the trivial and the worthless, not to mention having sexually-suggestive associations in certain contexts?)

Meanwhile, Fox News could be in Dutch big-big time for serious issues with its credibility: The Mayor of Paris is seeking legal action against the pseudo-news channel over its exploiting Recent Unfortunate Events Attributed to Islamist Extremists by claiming that certain Notorious Districts of Paris with Muslim-dominant populations are under Sharia law and, hence, to be avoided by Good Christians at all costs--the notion of which was gracefully (and satirically, know) deflated by Le Petit Journal, a satiric news programme on French television in the vein of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart; proof, no doubt, that "clowns can get away with the truth" more often than not.

So till next time, folks: "73"

(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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