17h UTC; SATURDAY, 13 DECEMBER 2014: With the "Tea Party"-deluded 114th Congress likely to advance by stealth its articles of faith for "reinventing government" as per the model of the State Corporate and Incorporate, vigilance of us Real Americans is all the more essential and the more important.

Especially because of the clear and present danger for such corporatisation likely to include "saving Social Security" based on a "people-centred" model.

"People-centred," yes--in theory.

In actual practice, however, such is more likely to embrace the ilk of the "cycler," "forced matrix," "Aussie two-up," "Fibonacci" or "binary" models, among other warped and exponentially-flawed such.

And such to be excused as "empowering the working-classes into a greater share of Personal Responsibility based on Self-Reliance."

Jucheism, anybody?

Meanwhile, have you heard of that new hack of Keurig's 2.0-model single-cup coffeemakers with RFID technology (the better to protect its presumed "natural right" to profit By Any Means Necessary)?

As in cutting off the lid from a brew pod for the "new" Keurig and applying such with tape to a generic-model such (especially the reusable such, the better to "maximise value for money"), word of which has been going round Teh Innerwebz.

But then again, we wonder how long it will be before Keutig sgtarts going Fox News-model paranoid about "loss of revenue," which is behind the refinement of the K-Cup brewing technology.

(Meanwhile, how many of you readers have played this silly game?)

Meanwhile, what would preclude us Real Americans (as opposed to the paleoconservative prolefeed model of Pious and Humble Bible-Believing Christians across rural and small-town America hard-wired in their acceptance of AmeriKKKa as The World, obviously "poor whites" more than likely) from exercising their belief in ons styl ekonomesie vryheid by boycotting these specimens of said ekonomesie vryheid known to be supporting the "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" agenda and articles of faith, essentially "sending a message" therefor?

Finally, a sad night in Germany this evening as the legendary Saturday-night television institution Wetten Dass? ("Wanna Make a Bet?") leaves the air after a 33-year run on public broadcaster ZDF (Austrian and Swiss public broadcasters also carried the show), citing declining ratings in the wake of a 2011 on-air challenge which went awry to the point of paralysis on the part of the participant. And in its turn raising questions as to whether absurd challenges, and wagers therefor (and shows like Wetten Dass? as so specialised), have any place on live television, in particular as Light Entertainment.

Just be lucky that American TV networks didn't try to copy the Wetten Dass? formula or concept, especially as "reality" TV became the fashion in the New York-Hollywood Axis.

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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