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That, and an increasing devotion to his new Tumblr blog, created in large part as a form of therapeusis in getting over the loss of his mother back in October.

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The idea "Tea Party"-deluded governors have in rejecting Federal offers of aid to expand Medicaid or state-equivalent schemes providing health cover to low income persons can easily get rather absurd. Witness Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's delusional belief that such rejection "helps poor people achieve the AmeriKKKan Dream" (as if implying that only a "people-centred" approach to saving the poor from themselves, one perhaps modelled on the Afrikaner Nationalist concept of Reddingsdaad, a "rescue deed" theoretically "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" based on exploiting a supposedly latent and inherent Volkseenheid, a "natural and organic unity and identity" of the AmeriKKKan People and Nation, itself channelled into Helpmekaar, "helping each other" [i.e., through mutual self-help], is the most cost-efficient approach towards that otherwise noble end).

Especially where reinforced with a factually-lacking delusion as insists that only ons styl ekonomesie vryheid can magically and spontaneously create jobs, preferably where a "patriot fund" as can be expected (in theory) to leverage the masses' "idle monies" into "productive capital" as would serve the new, "people-centred" ideal of Volkskapitalisme, a "people-centred" form of free-market ekonomesie vryheid expected to emphasise jobs creation and training over simple wealth creation, ultimately leading to the empowerment of the "REAL AmeriKKKan" (as in the "poor white") so as to secure their "natural right of dominance" over "our morally-superior economic paradigm" itself founded on ekonomesie vryheid van ons styl, rather than "unhealthy and unnatural State interference" seen to be one with Creeping Godless Communism (what with the Reddingsdaad being seen as a Divinely-Inspired and -Ordained Mission from God Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Land, replete with manufactured pandering to jingoistic emotions latent and inherent in the "poor white" theoretically expected to see such as their Last and Only Hope to maintain its Divinely-Ordained Natural Right of Dominance in the face of Clear and Present Race Suicide).

That, and an insistence, howbeit fanatically-driven, to replace (as one Afrikaner Nationalist leader saw it in creating the original Reddingsdaad concept), "pious sentiment" towards the poor and disafflicted (as in using poor relief as a tool of pacification and buying loyalty) with "jingling coin" (as in wages, savings, investments, consumer purchasing power and leverage therefor even among the Volk). Or, as another such explained the rationale behind an Afrikaner-centrist investment house as would be at the heart of the Noble Ideal, such would be expected to "pay its dividends in cash and not in pious words."

The whole, in essence, expected to be a purely non-governmental operation and endeavour, the rationale therefor being seen as one with "maximising taxpayer value" and "helping the poor to help themselves."

But how do you expect to accomplish such an otherwise theoretically noble ideal when the targeted aren't expected to research and look up any and all forms of information, tools and resources as may otherwise be of benefit towards such ends, insisting that such is "healthy" and "necessary" "to preempt further tendencies towards dependency and its enslaving effects"?

And what would otherwise prevent the "REAL AmeriKKKan" masses from getting thereby motivated to such an otherwise (theoretically) "noble and worthy" concept in the name of God and Country?

Who, then, would be willing to step into the ensuing vacuum and risk being seen as "Communist" or otherwise "spreading schizophrenic germs" in educating the heretofore "dependent" unto their empowerment based on such a Noble and Far-Reaching Experiment?

Or will such be seen as "blasphemous" in a manner calling tlo mind former Texas Governor Rick Perry's recent suggestion that poverty is Biblically-Justified?

Hence: "What are YOU going to do about it?"

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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