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18h36 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 21 JANUARY 2015: If anything, the RepubliKKKan and "Tea Party" replies to President Obama's Constitutionally-obligated State of the Union message to Congress and the American People and Nation last night leave plenty of questions unanswered. Not to mention enough to wonder if their "real" socioeconomic agenda for the Nation, setting aside glowing generalities about the need for a "people-centred" approach based on ons styl ekonomesie vryheid (as it were), is actually closer to a model promoted by Afrikaner Nationalist leaders down South Africa way in the runup to apartheid's implementation from the late 1930's on.

A model which expected the Afrikaner Volk to rise himself up from "poor whiteism" which the British were seen to be forcing upon God's Chosen People on the African Continent by shunning State and charitable relief in favour of a spontaneous appeal to Reddingsdaad channelling a natural and inherent Volkseenheid in and among the Volk to achieve socioeconomic dominion for and among their own kind, preferably to be based on a new, "people-centred" model of capitalism known as Volkskapitalisme ("people's capitalism") which would, in theory, secure control of the South African economy for the benefit of the Afrikaner (largely as payback for all form of British persecution and contempt against the Afrikaner going back to that which compelled die Voortrek from Cape to Highveldt in hopes of maintaining their ideal as Pious, Humble and God-Fearing Farmers and Pastoralists

A model which called for the creation of an ur-"patriot fund" to which the Afrikaner was expected to rally round all the more for the benefit of their Volk, expected to leverage the masses' "idle monies" (including such held in banks, building societies, savings clubs, insurance companies and cooperatives) into "productive capital" as would serve Afrikaner interests above all else (in particular by acquiring failing businesses and recasting such based on "Afrikaner models" of emphasising jobs creation and training over simple wealth creation). Not to mention an investment fund expected to "pay its dividends in cash and not pious words" while expected to save the Afrikaner from "poor whiteism" all the further.

A model which used deceptively-packaged popular movements such as the Reddingsdaadbond to promote the ideal to the Afrikaner masses through appeals to God, Country and Volk, packaging same as being a Divinely-Ordained Mission from God to Save the Afrikaner from Bondage and Thralldom (only in the RepubliKKKans' case, hoping to secure discreet State subsidies for any such movements modelled on the RDB in 21st-century AmeriKKKa to save "REAL AmeriKKKa" in its Luscious Glory of rampant "poor whiteism" from "enslavement to the State").

A model seeking to conflate Volk and Nation as being a Natural and Inseparable One by God's Divinely-Ordained Will and Prophecy Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Land, reinforced by the core Jucheist belief that "Man is the Master of Everything, and decides Everything," rather than the heartless and selfless State.

Is this the real "Tea Party" ideal for Thy Dear and Lovely Land, and Recasting Same in His Luscious Glory?

So till next time, folks: "73"

(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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