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16h UTC; SUNDAY, 28 JULY 2013:
For all the rather pathetic platitudes and bromides that conservative prolefeeders have about a so-called "white culture," and the "clear and present threats" to same in relation to the National Character and Identity of Thy Dear and Lovely Nation as a Peculiar by Divine Will and Right (cf. similar patsies by apartheid South Africa in the day), such are hesitant to establish any sort of defining test or standard for what so constitutes for public consumption.

Especially such which can be explained in the same simple, easily-understood contexts that this same camp expects such works packaged under the appellation of "white culture" to be presented. Even more so if the context can be understood by the average six-year-old in simple, easily-phrased sentences.

Perhaps it's because they don't want you to know that the real "white culture" such specimens of Zealotry and True Belief want pushed is one which glamourises or otherwise glorifies in especially hagiographic contexts:
  • Extreme Ultraviolence and Criminality as the best and only solutions to solve problems, especially where "race/national honour" or "Law and Order" are justified;
  • racism in the context of White Christian Nationalism (cf. apartheid South Africa's defence of apartheid as one with White Christian Honour and Identity);
  • selfish or otherwise reckless greed in the name and service of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe, and using a so-called "Natural Law" to defend such (especially where such results in cartel behaviour or otherwise unhealthy disregard for the same "free-market capitalism" seen by this same crowd as essential to Our National  Character and Identity);
  • contempt for National Minorities in the name of an idealised "Aryan Master Race" of the Nazi German model, especially where anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and/or the "Yellow Peril" can be deployed;
  • dogwhistle code to conceal the real intent of the Greater "Tea Party" and "9/12" agenda expected to be promoted as one which poses clear and present harm or danger to the same National and Sovereign Identity such elements claim to be "defending and protecting" all along (e.g., using "Wise Use" to condone wasteful and inefficient complacency);
  • perversion of His Name and Luscious Glory, and related teachings, especially where such can be excused as cover for Hastening His Second Coming;
  • reducing the Lower Classes to nothing less than Objects of Fun, especially where sexual promiscuity, unhealthy diets, wasteful driving habits, choice of role models and heroes, shopping habits and trends, &c., are seen as "traditional folk culture" among such otherwise "deserving only" contempt and ridicule;
  • overt cartel behaviour in the name of "saving ekonomesie vryheid, &c., from itself," especially where such can be used to reinforce "traditional and natural" class distinctions such as condone contempt for the poor and marginalised expected to "rescue itself" solely by their own will, resolve, tools and resources; and
  • a xenophobically delusional model of National Exceptionalism which would make the North Korean brand such is (howbeit unwittingly) modelled on look like a badly-thought-out weekend at Six Flags or Wet 'n Wild unifying all.
Such, then, is the "White Culture" that right-wing prolefeeders are talking about.

The which needs to be challenged and yet dismissed for what it is: a distractive smokescreen to divert attention of the targeted away from The Bigger Picture (as in More Pressing Issues as may pose Clear and Present Danger to their viability and survival).

Meanwhile, with the parents of former child-star sensation Amanda Bynes seeking conservatorship over her assets in response to Certain Unfortunate Events Adversely Affecting Her Name and Repute of late (estimated at somewhere around $3 million, much of it earned from back when she had a sketch-comedy show on Nickelodeon in the 1990's), how can we be sure that these parental units won't wind up using said conservatorship as cover for plundering Amanda's accounts as the parental piggy bank (cf. recent notorious cases here in southeastern Minnesota in which Vulnerable Adults were taken devious financial advantage of)?


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