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18h UTC; FRIDAY, 13 SEPTEMBER 2013: As unfortunate as it seems, Hate's Ugly Face may have reared itself upon Winona this morning when fire destroyed the premi of the Islamic Centre of Winona and, soon afterwards, two nearby businesses with suspected associations to the epicene. But, for now, we shouldn't rush to judgment pending enquiries by the State Fire Marshal's office as to the cause and nature therefor.

But if arson is suspected as the trigger, such may want to be considered subject to the Hate Crimes Enhancement, especially if those behind the Islamic Centre fire may have wanted payback for the Unfortunate Events of 9/11 so as to trigger what "Christian Patriots" call RAHOWA (RAcial HOly WAr) to Maintain Its Natural and Traditional Power and Dominance as Ordained by Divine Will and Right.

Which calls to mind the suggestion of Sen. Ted Cruz (GOP/FL) that he wants to see same filled with such in the mold of the late Jesse Helms (as in hard-wired racist, nativist, xenophobically Bible-Believing Christian) in the name of Reclaiming Thy Dear and Lovely Land. Try Hendrik Verwoerd, apartheid-era President of South Africa up until his assassination (which some see as martyrdom) in 1966 by an aide of his with a ceremonial sword, for a more accurate parallel.

This ain't no way to deal with mentally-ill "basket cases" or others suspected of being "troublemakers" through "preemptive" means: Officials with the State of California and the City and County of San Francisco are seeking $500,000 from the mental-health powers-that-be in Nevada to reimburse for the cost of treating the Silver State's psychiatric patients by discharging them Against Medical Advice from the state hospital, giving them a one-way bus ticket to California--as well as snacks, three days' worth of anti-psychotics and not much in the way of advice beyond "call 911" for information and referrals, what with many of the afflicted being sent to communities where they had no families, friends nor other helpful contacts.

Not even referrals to the Travellers' Aid, for that matter.

As for the advice to "call 911" on arrival: I believe such is considered Counsel to Misuse of 911, which is intended only for serious, life-threatening emergencies requiring immediate attention or intervention. A more apropos number under the circumstances is 211, which is designated for community service information, referrals and crisis counselling.

Still, though, Your Correspondent needs to wonder whether this case of what's commonly known as "Greyhound therapy" out of Nevada seems to be a commonplace in especially "red" states where mental-hygiene policy still revolves around state asylums rather than community-based outpatient schemes ... and such is excused by such platitudes as "making room for more serious cases" (especially where whispers abound of Gross and Serious Overcrowding) and/or getting rid of "possible rabble-rowsers or troublemakers" by "preemptive" means.

Especially where quotas are used by mental-hygiene officials to reinforce such policies, and more than likely being Against Medical Advice. Final destinations for such pseudo-treatment being essentially arbitrary, with the ticket shoved into the hands of the targeted and not much else beyond that explained previously. (Come to think of it, I have to wonder if there are instances of "Greyhound therapy" where targeted patients are being arbitrarily sent to Canada under what may actually be false pretenses, replete with absurd stories to be memorised for the Customs agents at the border as may themselves lack credibility. And without even giving the address of the nearest American Consulate upon arrival; as well, there's even the prospect of especially serious "troublemakers" being thus sent off to remotest areas of Quebec where French is the predominant language, presumably as a warning.)

So where's the outrage here? Or are we to treat this as a "manufactured scandal" deserving of no worthwhile attention as opposed to the likes of Benghazi, itself obviously manufactured?


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