18h UTC; FRIDAY, 17 MAY 2013: So much for the current "Tea Party" prolefeed trope about applictions for tax-exempt status from affiliated entities being targeted by the IRS "for deliberate political reasons," and then some: A former head of the NAACP has gone on record suggesting that the overzealous scruitny may have been warranted all along ... as well as evidence suggesting that not even Liberal- or Progressive-leaning causes or sects were exempt from overzealous IRS watch-and-ward vis-a-vis tax exemptions (and that "Tea Party," "9/12" and "patriot" groups probably deserved it in the first place).

Your Correspondent, for his part, thinks such overzealous watch-and-ward over the applications may have been a Necessary Evil, considering where many such groups sought to use the "social welfare organisation" device (as per Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code) as a cheap and cheerful way to get around donor-disclosure requirements in service to their potentially dangerous agenda, excused all the while as being In Service to God and Country--and with no real interest in carrying out any sort of "social welfare" activity per the meaning captured standard.

A core article of faith among these several "Tea Party"-stylee groups is one of Defending and Maintaining Traditional Gender Role Identities, in particular with regards to Protecting the Purity and Sachristy of Marriage and its core raison d'etre of procreation ("goodsex", per Orwellian Newspeak) for the Greater Glory of God, Country and Race. Especially so their insisting that the Good Christian Wife and Mother stay home and care for the children.

Against that backdrop, let's not forget where several states were pushing for mother's and widow's pensions over a hundred years ago with that very aim in mind. But how exactly would such an otherwise well-intentioned measure be seen as "promoting enslavement to government dependency" when about the only occupations open to women (at least to the "Tea Party" way of thought) are as domestics, prostitutes and worse?

And talk about Perpetuating Outdated Notions of Womanhood: Out Berlin way, "Barbie: The Showcase Experience" opened in its Luscious Glory of bright pink garishness for a limited run as an ur-advertisement for the Barbie doll--howbeit to protests from women's groups who saw the exhibits as but a perpetuation of outdated notions of womanhood (one such protester, in fact, bared her breasts and burned a Barbie doll on an ur-crucifix). (By contrast, a similar exhibit near Orlando opened a couple months back without protest.)

(Ironically, Barbie's origins can be traced back to a German sexpot doll by name of "Lili," itself inspired by a popular cartoon feature in the raffish West German daily gazetta Bild-Zeitung from the mid- to late 1950's; newsstands and tobacconists across then-West Germany and West Berlin sold the doll as a novelty, and such inspired the founders of Mattel to develop Barbie in 1959.)

You've probably heard the slogan "How tomorrow moves" in TV and radio commercials for CSX Transportation of late as push the energy-efficiency and ecological benefits of rail transport vis-a-vis freight and logistics ... maybe it was time to apply the same line of thinking towards passenger transport, especially considering the at-risk-of-wasted possibilities of high-speed regional passenger rail networks in several parts of the country, the Midwest among them. Or what exactly stands in the way, Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations requiring the packaging of a wasteful status quo as "Wise Use"?

Staying with the trope of "How tomorrow moves" for a moment in the passenger-rail arena--in this instance, with regards to Chicago-Milwaukee-Twin Cities passenger rail possibilities beyond that particular portion of Amtrak's Empire Builder service to the Pacific Northwest, itself already overcrowded--something as ought be looked at is of extending one pair of the existing Hiawatha Service trains between Chicago and Milwaukee on to the Twin Cities, with provision for a cafe car (subject to the "Tea Party"-deluded Wisconsin Legislature's willingness to extend apropos funding in their Luscious Glory of "Wise Use" perverted).

As a concession to Rochester, MN's losing out (for the moment) in the high-speed rail stakes in the Chicago-Twin Cities corridor, said enhancement of Hiawatha Service to the Twin Cities may want to include a thru coach or two for Rochester as would be set out, or otherwise rejoined at, Winona, depending on direction of travel (and operating on Canadian Pacific's former DM&E line Winona-Rochester, running through to and from Chicago and Milwaukee).

And we can imagine Joe Carioca's reaction to the news that Brazilian immigration authorities broke up a criminal syndicate as smuggled illegal immigrants from Bhangladesh and Myanmar with promises of jobs paying as much as US$1,500/month--only to wind up enslaved to the syndicate as construction labourers.



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