00h UTC; THURSDAY, 7 JUNE 2012: In its collective Luscious Glory insistence upon a purely "people-centred" model of socioeconomic recovery "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" in the name of "taxpayer value" (as in "creating jobs and socioeconomic empowerment" among the "REAL AmeriKKKans***in clear need of work," or so the meme goes), you can just imagine certain specimens of conservative, "Tea Party" even, Zealotry and True Belief pushing as their ideal vehicle in aid thereof a concept rooted, as it were, in the Afrikaner Broederbond-sponsored Federale Volksbeleggings (FVB) investment fund, under management of Sanlam, in service to the Afrikaner Reddingsdaad campaign leading to the apartheid regime's coming to power in 1948.

A concept essentially involving a hybrid of the so-called "High-Yield Investment Plan" (HYIP) onto a series of "loan funds" (with patriotic-sounding names and stylees to lend an air of credibility to the exercise) expected to target "REAL AmeriKKKans" unable to obtain finance through traditional bankers because of "tightened lending standards," as the official line seems to be, for:
  • "viable" small-business or unskilled, labour-intensive industry startups;
  • mortgage loans; and
  • agricultural lending and finance.
Said "loan funds" and their affiliated HYIP's essentially under mutual interconnexion, theoretically offering higher interest rates on investments so made (especially such of 2-3% p.a. as opposed to the less than 1% FDIC-insured banks are now paying on deposit accounts for the most part) thanks to "innovative" cross-subsidy and -financing requiring "consulting fees" unto the HYIP being included in loan repayments.

As if such weren't "innovative" enough, the HYIP component would offer debit-card access to funds invested (said debit card being issued through an affiliated offshore bank "for tax reasons") as well as a "consumer benefit programme" offering discounted health and dental cover, auto-club benefits, travel discounts and an online "buying club" in the vein of BJ's or Costco.

The whole expected to be financed, over and above the "seed money" expected to be provided (discreetly, or so the official meme will have it) by several prominent "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement "sugar daddies" under the banner of "social responsibility" (probably a PR ploy), through the HYIP interconnexion vis-a-vis the "loan funds," with part of the loan repayment going to the HYIP. And being promoted through highly-secretive "town meetings" of the sort popular with anti-government extremists in promoting dubious financial or tax-avoidance strategems some 20 years back, not to mention heavy use of Teh Innerwebz (including use of Liberty Reserve for processing investments and loan repayments).

But when all is said and done ... don't expect any sort of loans or finance to be made, "people-centred socioeconomic recovery" or otherwise: Thanks to some class of last-minoota "reasons you will understand" (not otherwise explained rationally), the whole concept will actually operate as a Ponzi scheme, requiring the constant recruitment of new investors just to stay viable and pay the advertised divvies. Said patsy about "reasons you will understand" also explaining their unwillingness to provide investors with proper statements of their accounts or audited financial statements vis-a-vis the whole exercise save for the platitude about the whole being a "discreet operation" requiring the opacity all along. And which, in the end, will lead to that One Fatal Slip as brings down the whole Noble Experiment in People-Centred Socioeconomic Rescue.

And who winds up covering the ensuing losses with ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe expected to be the fountainhead thereof, replete with the usual metaphors involving "creamy milk flowing from the mother's breast"?

Such, in any case, will want to be worth watching for--and avoiding like the pox. (In any event, consider this as an Early Warning about how not to conduct such an otherwise viable concept. And do try to share this--responsibly, know--with your neighbourhood "Tea Party" Zealot and True Believer so that he knows what they may really be expecting of their ilk within measurable distance, claiming such will be "doing the People and Nation a favour," or so the meme will go.)

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