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19h50 UTC; MONDAY, 14 NOVEMBER 2011: Overheard from Saturday night's GOP Presidential Candidates' Foreign Policy Debate comes word that Michelle Bachmann openly called for AmeriKKKa to be, in her words, "less socialist and more like China" when it came to socioeconomic recovery and salvation. Quoth AddictingInfo.org:
The "Great Society" has not worked and it’s put us into the modern welfare state....

If you look at China, they don’t have food stamps. If you look at China, they’re in a very different situation. They save for their own retirement security…They don’t have the modern welfare state and China’s growing. And so what I would do is look at the programs that LBJ gave us with the Great Society and they’d be gone.
Unfortunately, what she forgets to realise is--well, let's let AddictingInfo.org explain for you:
Michele Bachmann wants America to be more like China. Here’s the problem with that. China is a communist nation. It does not represent the values of the American people. We value freedom, the health of our people, and an economy that works for everyone. China does not. China is only growing because Republicans and corporations teamed up to outsource millions of American jobs to that country to take advantage of the cheap labor there. I’m going to assume that all the GOP candidates want America to be more like China, since they’ve all proven to be a group of wind-up dolls. Michele Bachmann and the Republican Party doesn’t stand for the American way. They stand for the Chinese way.
The which, in any case, may want to be used as Aunt Sally material against her, what with her implying by the tone, parsing and nuance of her remarks that we should essentially embrace a socioeconomic model based on State interference through central planning (as in the Five-Year Plans), outright State control of essential socioeconomic sectors and essentially regarding poverty and privation as "essential" towards the Final Victory of Marxism/Leninism.

Or could be put down to careless ignorance of a sort which the GOP/"Tea Party" element, and their prolefeed drookies at Fox News Channel, Fox Business and conservative talkback radio regard as "virtuous" and at once "patriotic," as if seeing Knowledge on the same par as Loathsome Social Diseases whose known effects include insanity and mental derangement.

So what would stand in the way of so using Ms. Bachmann's remarks in Aunt Sally mode?


Meanwhile, speaking of trying to emulate Chinese socioeconomic models to save capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics (its defence regarded by the GOP/"Tea Party" crowd as being mutually interconnected to that of Our National and Sovereign Identity, Antient and Peculiar; i.e., the defence of one is automatically that of the other For Mutual Benefit), Your Correspondent understands where American companies as have outsourced assembly functions to China over recent years "for tax reasons" above all else may now be starting to seriously reconsider, what with increasing raw material and labour costs among Chinese contractors and subcontractors, not to mention increased shipping costs aggravated by increased fuel prices which, inevitably, wind up being passed along to consumers.

Which may wind up being a "blessing in disguise" for such who have overzealous concerns about the want of stateside jobs, and whose explanations are of an "I-know-you-are-but-who-am-I?" sort which seeks to deflect responsibility by creating distractive patsies such as those which blame "excessive regulatory burden" stateside for forcing jobs offshore when, in fact, such responsible for the meme were seeking to maximise profits by keeping costs lower. (Case in point: Caterpillar, citing high shipping costs, has announced that it will relocate some heavy-equipment manufacturing from Japan back to North America within measurable distance.)


All in all, perhaps it was about time to start challenging the thought of such socioeconomic xenophobes who insist on a "Fortress AmeriKKKa" mindset whose articles of faith are probably a hybrid of North Korea's Juche Idea and the Afrikaner Christian Nationalist agenda that 'n volk red homself ("a people rescues itself") through Reddingsdaad ("mutual self-help") as creates Volkskapitalisme ("people's capitalism") towards the Greater Glory of Volkseenheid ("natural/organic unity of the people") seeing Volk en Nasie as Een ("the people and nation as one").

Especially considering the imprecations left by Michelle Bachmann's suggestion of AmeriKKKa embracing the Chinese socioeconomically to save AmeriKKKa socioeconomically according to capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics, which turns out leaving some Interesting Questions in and of themselves.

(As reminder, maybe it's time to ask again Who Does More for the Economy: One with $10 million net worth ... or 50 with $100,000 net worth each? Try this one on your friends, especially such hard-wired in their dependency on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin and suchlike in the ranks of conservative prolefeed.)

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.


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