18h35 UTC; THURSDAY, 2 OCTOBER 2014: Firstly, may I apologise for the tardiness of this birthday-related post inasmuch as Mein Innkeeper Friend and I went out for lunch at a rather interesting little restaurant here in Winona as saw me enjoying therefor a grilled chicken breast, cheese and bacon sandwich with fries and what appeared to be iced tea, but tasted more like iced coffee for some reason or another. Even with aspertame to sweeten.the whole.

For dessert, a hot fudge sundae; the restaurant in question (name on request) offers a free dessert for patrons in their birth month with a menu order.

All in all, a rather decent birthday luncheon.

To business, then: On this my 53rd birthday, Your Correspondent feels it pretty lucky to have survived for so long in spite of those occasions where I could have nearly died from the likes of fever, viral infections or even unhealthy dependency on anti-psychotic medications as was nearly giving me a heart attack. Which is pretty interesting in and of itself.

But which, as it turns out, is being tempered by my 93-year-old mother's declining health over recent weeks, the which began in mid-August with a rather bad fall in her nursing home apartment's bathroom as saw no broken bones, thankfully (as confirmed by X-rays) ... but did see some bruising on her arms. Which, know, have been uncomfortable for some years back already, and at her age can't really do too much therewith. And in just the last week or so has become even more trying for her with varying bouts of diarrhea, loss of appetite (itself inevitable in old age) and memory loss (even to the extent of her thinking where she was somewhere in Wisconsin, unable to identify the specific town). And in just the last day or so, her voice has gone hoarse to the point where some of what she's trying to say can't be understood, requiring her being asked to repeat what she just said.

(In fairness, I should mention where my mother had throat surgery some years back which didn't heal that well, meaning its scar tissue can flare up on occasion to the point of afflicting her voice to the point of straining. Such is especially likely with seasonal changes in the weather, especially as I write this up here in the Minnwissippi region.)

Things can tend to vacillate all the more with my mother, as it does with all of us; however, in view of her age and recent developments, such could be all the more trying to the point of burdensome emotionally on my own family, in particular should things deteriorate suddenly and without prior warning, or if her decease becomes all the more due and imminent. Which, for a "mama's boy" like myself, attached all the more to her all this while I've been around, can be rather trying--or is it? In fact, I understand there are studies which show that such with a history of abusive or emotionally-unstable upbringings are all the better to deal with the loss of loved ones than those with a more "normal" upbringing.

Hence, in closing, this advice: Should any of you out there perhaps be willing to offer me a decent little gift of cash or maybe even a gift card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express such preferred) to ease things along in what may be an upcoming period of psychoemotional trial as my mother's condition starts going all the deeper into decline, that would be appreciated greatly. For cash gifts, you could send them to my PayPal account via the "Donate" button off to the side of the page, or by letterposts--preferred for the gift cards.

As for the postal address, please send me an e-mail through the Feedback form towards the bottom of the page and I'll be glad to supply. Said Feedback form being a Necessary Evil to deal with the risk of more typical e-mail links being unwitting "spam" conduits.

Which will no doubt be all the more welcome, thereby giving me some semblance of flexibility in time to choose what I want to spend for myself.

Your support of this effort would be appreciated.

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

Preferably through e-mail and/or social media:

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