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16h43 UTC; SUNDAY, 15 JANUARY 2012: Following a super-secretive confab rivalling the supposed annual such of super-secretive sects as are the stuff of tasteless conspiracy theories seeking to exploit widespread ignorance excusing a simple, jingoistic even, brand of patriotism outside of Houston, Texas, the Elmer Gantry element of religiopolitical conservatives seeking to recast Our Beloved AmeriKKKa in His Image (cf. apartheid South Africa's insistence that they were God's Own Country) have determined that they want all Good Christian AmeriKKKans to rally round the Presidential campaign of Rick Santorum as being more in line with the Greater Christian Nationalist Agenda and its articles of faith.

Such expected to be seen as Reclaiming Our Dear Lovely and Holy Land from the Clear and Present Danger of Demonic Possession as Endangers Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations By His Divine Will, to be reinforced by an unswerving and hard-wired embrace of capitalism--or should that actually be "economic freedom"?--with AmeriKKKan characteristics, in particular one "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" in Afrikaner Volkskapitalisme stylee, as somehow integral to, and interconnected with, the aforementioned National and Sovereign Identity (with the further imprecation of the interconnexion, somehow based on "unwritten tradition" seen to take precedence over statute law by conservative prolefeeders, is For Mutual Benefit of All, for the Greater Good of All).

Besides, the Greater Rick Santorum Campaign is the sort as sees GOP Presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney as "not conservative enow" vis-a-vis their "Seven Mountains"-brand religiopolitical theology, not to mention his being a Mormon (which the "Good Christian" is expected to regard as Demonically Possessed and Not to Be Trusted as a Christian), as if their questioning what they perceive to be the Secret Agenda of President Obama to Undermine Ekonomoesie Vryheid with AmeriKKKan characteristics and Betray Our Sovereignty to the "New World Order" wasn't good enough atrocity prolefeed to influence the Joe Sixpack element.


And so much for Frank Luntz' suggesting that the "focus-group-tested" phrase "economic freedom" be used among conservative prolefeeders instead of capitalism to make such more acceptable to voters as one with Our Dear Lovely National and Sovereign Identity: IMHO, such reeks of lily-gilding crossing into Bowdlerism so that you wind up unintentionally creating a dysphemism when the original intent was euphemism. Hence, Your Correspondent will substitute the Afrikaans variation thereof, Ekonomoesie Vryheid, in this blog with immediate effect; the better, obviously, to make the concept look even more obnoxious so that the public will realise that such is actually a lily-gilding farce.


And with the Christian Right's insistence of a divinely-ordained interconnexion between Ekonomesie Vryheid with AmeriKKKan characteristics and AmeriKKKa's Identity as a Christian Nation, maybe it was time to remind them that embracing the same tactics the Communists used to keep workers in line (as in obligatory "political and ideological instruction," which, in the Christian Right's case, would involve Bible readings, prayer services and exercises in Christian Witness--again, obligatory) did little or nothing to improve workplace productivity or the quality of finished goods or services.

Especially when centrally-developed Five-Year Plans reinforced by arbitrarily-defined (not to mention, perhaps, willfully manipulated to the point of unattainable) production quotas subject to strict enforcement (any deviance therefrom not to be tolerated) are used in servile reinforcement.


Meanwhile, with the so-called "Youth for Western Civilisation" calling upon all good "REAL AmeriKKKans" (assumed to be "Good Christians" as well, or so the meme expects us to blindly accept without question or reservation) to rally round the "cause" of their White Christian Brethren in Danger of Persecution and Genocidal Martyrdom among the Afrikaners of South Africa (never mind much of their psyche is rooted heavily in mythology, such being well-documented as a matter of fact), it will be interesting to see how much longer it can get before "Youth for Western Civilisation" (who are among the co-sponsors of the forthcoming CPAC 2012 in Washington, know) can call upon like-minded White Christian Nationalists to launch a United Campaign, as it were, appealing to the warped and conflated delusion of "White Pride World Wide" to raise funds for the "evacuation" of the remaining Afrikaner population from South Africa and resettling same into Our Beloved AmeriKKKa as "refugees" based on what turns out being manufactured and heavily-scripted stories reeking of insincerity.

An insincerity, it turns out, which is by willful and deliberate design (as in seeking to fool such at the United States Embassy in Pretoria handling requests for refugee status in the United States by claiming Fear of Persecution without any credible substantiation other than the anecdotally-leaning, Mother Machree even--and quickly, so the United Campaign's several affiliates hope), with the unswerving cooperation of "contacts" with Afrikaners in South Africa (especially the poor, ignorant and easily-duped such expected to "benefit" thereby) as can be given scripts to memorise in explaining their "situation."

In any case, something for Immigration and Customs Enforcement at the Homeland Security Department to watch-and-ward.


News that conservative prolefeeders would just love to see happening in Our Dear Lovely AmeriKKKa, with a particular goal of equating conservative articles of faith, and the blind and unswerving embrace thereof, with True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command (howbeit with unwittingly fatal flaws ensuing from the get-go), via, a Seoul-based online gazetta providing unbiased reportage on North Korea and the North Korean situation from North Korean defectors and refugees:
The North Korean authorities have completed the criticism sessions which began after the mourning period for Kim Jong Il and begun to punish those who transgressed during the highly orchestrated mourning events.

Daily NK learned from a source from North Hamkyung Province on January 10th, “The authorities are handing down at least six months in a labor-training camp to anybody who didn’t participate in the organized gatherings during the mourning period, or who did participate but didn’t cry and didn't seem genuine.”

Furthermore, the source added that people who are accused of circulating rumors criticizing the country’s 3rd generation dynastic system are also being sent to re-education camps or being banished with their families to remote rural areas.

Daily NK earlier reported news that criticism sessions were being held at all levels of industry, in enterprises and by local people’s units starting on December 29th, the last day of the mourning period. A source said at the time that the central authorities had ordered the sessions to be completed by January 8th.

The North Hamkyung source commented of the sessions that they "created a vicious atmosphere of fear, causing people to accuse ‘that young upstart’ (Kim Jong Un) of preying on the people now that he has taken power."

Along with criticism sessions, the authorities also turned up the heat on efforts to idolize Kim Jong Un immediately after the mourning period ended, something which has yet to let up. “Every day from 7am until 7pm they have vehicles for broadcast propaganda parked on busy roads full of people going to and from work, noisily working to proclaim Kim Jong Un’s greatness,” the source explained.

The intense propaganda is said to be taking its toll on the people as well, with the source commenting, “People in factories and schools, regional and ward Party members, members of the Youth League and the Union of Democratic Women are all being made to study the Joint New Year’s Editorial and the greatness of Kim Jong Un in the morning and afternoon, with the sessions packed so tightly together without a break that people are just exhausted.”

The source even revealed that public trials are being employed without regard for the frigid weather to judge people who attempted to leave North Korea during the mourning period, either to defect or to smuggle, as well as those discovered using mobile phones to make calls out.

While it has not been possible to verify the public trial claim, earlier the authorities did order the military to shoot anyone who attempted to defect during the mourning period and eliminate their family, so it would not be surprising. The source agreed with earlier testimony stating that while it is usually possible to escape punishment during such crackdowns with bribes, it is much more difficult to do so now.
So what would preclude this serving as warning to Our Dear Lovely Nation, especially such subscribing as blindly as they do to extreem conservative prolefeed (including so-called "Tea Party," "9-12" and "Christian Patriot" Zealots and True Believers, their ranks drawn mostly from "poor white trash" too dependent upon Fox News and conservative talkback radio for the most part)? In any case, it should.

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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