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15h42 UTC; SUNDAY, 22 JANUARY 2012: Make no mistake about it: The way the GOP Presidential field has fared thus far in the caucus/primary season of Indecision 2012 (as in Rick Santorum being declared the winner of the Iowa Caucuses thanks to a recount, Mitt Romney taking the New Hampshire Primary and, last night, Newt Gingrich's victory in the South Carolina Primary) should serve as a clear and present warning signal of just how badly fractured the GOP has become.

So badly fractured, in fact, that overt and conscious racism and bigotry, and appeals thereto, have made their presence known among the several GOP Presidential wannabes, with Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum being the poster boys therefor (as prompted the open letter by Catholic leaders taking issue thereto referenced previously). Making it all the worse, admission to campaign appearences of late are By Invitation Only, with extreme security to prevent "intruders taking the message out of context" (cf. Nazi Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels' "Total War" speech [as in the closing line of "Now, people, arise and unleash the storm!"] at the Berlin Sportpalast on 18 February 1943, delivered [according to the official propaganda] to an audience "representing all classes and occupations" as turned out to have been hand-picked; in fact, Herr Goebbels remarked to Albert Speer afterwards that such was "the best-trained audience one could find in all Germany," even allowing for live radio broadcasts and subsequent newsreel coverage).


Staying with the Sportpalast speech, and the lessons and warnings of history thereby presented (recalling Santayana's famous observation), something the Real American (not the Fox News simulation in that guise) needs to watch for from especially GOP, "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" types in prolefeed terms is in the vein of this famous appeal in form of a series of challenges Herr Goebbels delivered to the German People and Nation that night in 1943 (thanks to the Calvin University archives of Nazi propaganda):
The English maintain that the German people has lost faith in victory.

I ask you: Do you believe with the Führer and us in the final total victory of the German people?

I ask you: Are you resolved to follow the Führer through thick and thin to victory, and are you willing to accept the heaviest personal burdens?

Second, The English say that the German people are tired of fighting.

I ask you: Are you ready to follow the Führer as the phalanx of the homeland, standing behind the fighting army and to wage war with wild determination through all the turns of fate until victory is ours?

Third: The English maintain that the German people have no desire any longer to accept the government’s growing demands for war work.

I ask you: Are you and the German people willing to work, if the Führer orders, 10, 12 and if necessary 14 hours a day and to give everything for victory?

Fourth: The English maintain that the German people is resisting the government’s total war measures. It does not want total war, but capitulation! [Shouts: Never! Never! Never!]

I ask you: Do you want total war? If necessary, do you want a war more total and radical than anything that we can even imagine today?

Fifth: The English maintain that the German people have lost faith in the Führer.

I ask you: Is your confidence in the Führer greater, more faithful and more unshakable than ever before? Are you absolutely and completely ready to follow him wherever he goes and do all that is necessary to bring the war to a victorious end? [The crowd rises as one man. It displays unprecedented enthusiasm. Thousands of voices join in shouting: “Führer command, we follow!” A wave of shouts of "Heil" flows through the hall. As if by command, the flags and standards are raised as the highest expression of the sacred moment in which the crowd honors the Führer.]

Sixth, I ask you: Are you ready from now on to give your full strength to provide the Eastern Front with the men and munitions it needs to give Bolshevism the death blow?

Seventh, I ask you: Do you take a holy oath to the front that the homeland stands firm behind them, and that you will give them everything they need to win the victory?

Eighth, I ask you: Do you, especially you women, want the government to do all it can to encourage German women to put their full strength at work to support the war effort, and to release men for the front whenever possible, thereby helping the men at the front?

Ninth, I ask you: Do you approve, if necessary, the most radical measures against a small group of shirkers and black marketers who pretend there is peace in the middle of war and use the need of the nation for their own selfish purposes? Do you agree that those who harm the war effort should lose their heads?

Tenth and lastly, I ask you: Do you agree that above all in war, according to the National Socialist Party platform, the same rights and duties should apply to all, that the homeland should bear the heavy burdens of the war together, and that the burdens should be shared equally between high and low and rich and poor?

I have asked; you have given me your answers. You are part of the people, and your answers are those of the German people. You have told our enemies what they needed to hear so that they will have no illusions or false ideas.
If ever there was a classic, textbook example from history of the dangers of emotionally-driven fanaticism in service to totalitarian excess applicable to current circumstances, let the preceding serve that purpose. Or will it?


And what's more, Ons, Die Volk need to remind the GOP that:
  • such hard-wired beliefs expected of their rank-and-file in ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" as being one with AmeriKKKan Exceptionalism vis-a-vis Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations was essentially based on flawed premises;
  • expecting people to accept the preceding blindly, without question or reservation, as a Holy of Holies vis-a-vis Our National and Sovereign Identity, reeks of fanaticism at its most dangerous this side of Nazi Germany's crudest excesses in this respect;
  • Our Beloved Nation is essentially paying the price of accepting such fanaticism, to the point where prolefeed insisting that said National and Sovereign Identity is now in Clear and Present Danger all the more, requiring the embrace of Any Means Necessary, no matter how crass, how venal or how disgusting it may be, to rescue the Nation from "imminent collapse"; and
  • that embracing prolefeed techniques and methodology common to dictatorial and totalitarian regimes in what amounts to a "homeopathic" approach, as long preferred by the John Birch Society and suchlike of their ilk, risks exploding in their face, considering their reckless and utter disregard for Reality and their insisting on a "reject-all-evidence-of-eyes-and-ears" agenda to be excused, as required, as being For My God and My Country.
(Responsibly, of course.)

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Hopefully, such is not lost on the likes of search engines and RSS feed readers as are "pinged" by FeedShark shortly after these are posted to Teh Innerwebz. Especially because Your Correspondent isn't one who believes in "spamming" as a marketing tactic for this somewhat esoteric blog (given the unethical, illicit and unprofessional nature thereof, not to mention such being prohibited by the Terms of Service among website hosting services, e-mail providers and ISP's alike) as opposed to more ethical techniques such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), or as close to it as I'm able to accomplish on a free-no-cost basis.


Late-night thoughts while listening to "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson: Driving up I-35W northbound from the I-494 junction (as in Exits 9A&B) late at night towards downtown Minneapolis out of idleness or some other reason, eventually to reach the downtown area towards the song's climax ...


Thoughts while on an evening's stroll after supper: Your Correspondent just has to wonder how it's possible for a community of some 125 population in the winter-wheat belt of Kansas, three miles or so from the nearest major highway via county roads, is able to support a substantial flour mill of most modern construction capable of milling 2,800 cwt of short-patent flour/day from locally-grown hard red winter wheat of highest quality such as makes it especially popular in the Upper Ohio River Valley and Appalachia (in fact, it's on sale in supermarkets across 15 Midwestern, Southern and Mid-Atlantic states, including such chains as Kroger, ShopRite, Giant Eagle, Food4Less, Price Chopper, Food Lion, Food Fair, Foodland, IGA and Walmart Supercentres).

And manages to be as popular as it is without benefit of saturation advertising, not even on the Wheeling Jamboree over WWVA radio Saturday nights (cf. Martha White Flour and Baking Mixes being advertised on the Grand Ole Opry over WSM since, it seems, time immemorial). And probably wouldn't even consider infomercials as a viable marketing tool, even with the Kanker Sisters being notoriously fond of them back in Peach Creek.

Reader, such a mill (and such flours as issue therefrom), and such a town, are extant.

The town is Hudson, Stafford County, KS 67545.

The mills are those of the Stafford County Flour Mills, an institution there since 1904 (with the current concrete-and-steel structure dating to 1913, shortly after the original wooden mill was destroyed by fire, and expanded several times since to keep pace with demand and changing milling technologies, being electrified only in 1964).

The flour is Hudson Cream, whose trademark is a Jersey cow (chosen to remind all of its being exceptionally soft-textured and of fine quality, such as is common of short-patent flour, a more comprehensive milling process rarely seen in flour milling these days), whose line of products runs the gamut from traditional all-purpose and unbleached flours to self-rising such (its top-selling variety), and more recently expanding into whole wheat and bread flours, cornmeal and baking mix. (You can see their complete line here. And if you're unable to find it at your store, you can order by mail, fax the order form to a/c 620-458-5121, or freecall them on 1-800-530-5640; they now accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover, as well as cheques and postal orders.)

(And as seems to be an occasional whimsey of Your Correspondent, he can only imagine what would happen if Hudson Cream Flour [especially the unbleached sort] were ever to meet Maine Bakewell Cream, "a leavening agent for better baking" originally created during World War II as a wartime substitute for tartate-based baking powders using sodium pyrophosphaste as the leavener. And especially when it comes to baking-powder biscuits such as are a Southern commonplace, especially when done in a manner reminescent of those Folger's Crystals adverts some years back where unsuspecting diners at some swanky high-end restaurant were served reconstituted Folger's Crystals as the after-dinner coffee instead of the usual high-class blend, reactions captured in a manner that the late Alan "Candid Camera" Funt would be proud of--and jaws dropping when the diners learn it's really Folger's Crystals. In any event, let's just hope that the result with the biscuits doesn't turn hilarious to the point of Monty Pythonic.)

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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