22h47 UTC; SATURDAY, 21 JULY 2012: Having been inspired by the lead-off cartoon in GroobieCat's Facebook presence, reader, Your Correspondent has decided to launch his very own Zazzle-powered T-shirt and ephemera shop, the better to help improve the "brand awareness" of this somewhat esoterically snarky presence on Teh Innerwebz (and, on the side, try to earn some money for Your Correspondent against the clear and present danger of severe Social Security benefit cuts as some conservative zealots are pushing for).

And in case you notice the main shop proper empty (for the moment), it's because:
  1. Your Correspondent just started working on it this afterlunch (Minnesota time); and
  2. products freshly added take as much as 24 hours for Zazzle to display publicly online.
(In any case, such may want to be bookmarked in your browser, recommended to your friends even.)

Hopefully, such should be enough to help improve the branding and name awareness ... especially so the T-shirts; Your Correspondent has to wonder if Stew Leonard's can make a name with its shopping bags and Wall Drug with its signs getting noticed the world over, then why not this The Blog That Am! with the tackiest of T-shirts vis-a-vis the tackier specimens of tourist trap popular with Those of a Certain (particularly Low) Class? (You probably know the sort--Myrtle Beach, Gatlinburg, Ocean City, the Jersey Shore, Branson, Lake of the Ozarks, Wisconsin Dells, Mackinac Island, the North Shore of Lake Superior, the Black Hills, Glacier National Park, Pike's Peak, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Catalina Island, San Francisco ...)

In fact, speaking of T-shirts, there's three such already available: The Value-Priced T-shirt (with logotype or QR code for the mobile site) and The Basic T-shirt (with logotype only for the moment), all now available for your online purchase. Not to mention letter seal stickers (with QR coding for the RSS feed or the mobile site, as you prefer), two tote bags (one for your daily shopping and the other for the beaches or the waterparks) and a commuter mug also ready for you to buy.

But that's just the beginning: Hopefully, more such fashions and ephemera will be made available within measurable distance featuring the logotype of this blog or either of the principal QR codes (as in those of the RSS feed and the mobile-ready version, as seen off to the side of the page); hence, my suggesting your duly bookmarking the shop page (q.v.) for when you can actually find merchandise available "front-and-center." (You can also search for them through the main Zazzle.com website, where they can also be purchased.)

Put simply, you can now wear a piece of The Blog That Am! ... or flaunt it, for that matter, regardless of where you may happen to be! (After all, Your Correspondent could welcome the extra money. Not to mention the attention as can be thus attracted.)

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