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22h15 UTC; TUESDAY, 7 JANUARY 2014: In starting off this post today, reader, I should acknowledge that the inspiration therefor came from an attempt to translate the mid-1960's Pepsi-Cola slogan "You're in the Pepsi Generation" to Chinese--only to come out translating back into English as "Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave." (No doubt calling to mind those scenes in Mulan as involved Fa Mulan's ancestors expressing upset at the title character's taking leave of her family to seek greater glory on the battlefield.)

With the news that Michigan is seeing an unbelievably low rate of influenza vaccinations translating into major outbreaks across its 83 counties, Your Correspondent has to wonder (with Appy Polly Loggies to the Westboro Baptist crowd) if such is Divine Judgment upon The Wolverine State for Governor Rick Snyder's extreem "Tea Party"-model political agenda reeking of the racist, the nativist and the corporatist (and hoping such perversion for "experimental" ends will translate into prolefeed fodder galore for Indecision 2014).

News the Elmer Gantryites seeking to keep Impressionable, "REAL AmeriKKKan" Youth all the more pure, chaste and innocent for the Greater Glory of God and Country (hoping they can become the vanguard for calling out of abeyance the title apartheid South Africa held as God's Own Country and applying it unto Thy Dear and Lovely Nation) will certainly be drooling over bigtime: Reuters is making note of a study suggesting that one in five 12-year-olds(!!) has acknowledged engaging in "sexting" (as in sending sexually-provocative text messages or images via mobile telephony), with the study's authors wondering if such could serve as a means by which to preempt (preferably through Scientologist techniques) the potential for Sexually-Promiscuous Tendencies (especially so pimping and prostitution).

And you thought the press agents for Branson's so-called "music shows" were all over themselves in packaging such as Real AmeriKKKan Kultur (as per conservative prolefeed meanings therefor): Consider this bit of "pedigreed bunk" that Capt. Billy's Whiz Bang published in its January 1922 number under the heading of "Press Agent Stuff":
The selection of the Cast for "Why Change Your Beeveedees?" the snappy cinema spectacle which the management of the Snore-On Theatre has been persuaded to show commencing today, was a task calling forth all the brains of that superior author-scenarist-director-producer, Whatin L. Isit. The difficulty lay in getting a star acceptable alike to the garment workers, buttonhole makers, laundry operators and health authorities.

M. T. Dome, who plays the leading male role in Wanta Daddy's latest paramour picture, "The Questionable Residence", adapted from Gimm E. Vice's play by Seena Lott, is the newest addition to Hollywood's film colony. Dome came all the way from New York to California just to play the part of Powerful Percy the Panderer's Pal in the picture. He was last seen on the screen as Glorious Love's leading man in "The Passionate Plumber."
Meanwhile, Mein Innkeeper Friend, during discussions this morning at the motel I do for here in Winona, had this imaginative PR idea for frozen-pizza companies seeking to attract greater attention at the expense of big names like Tombstone, Totino's, Freschetta, Jack's, DiGiorno, &c.: What would preclude their staging ur-competitions at community festivals to see how far their packages of frozen pizza would go when thrown, Frisbee-stylee?

And talk about unlikely daydreams and fantasies: Could you just imagine guests at the Disney Parks (in particular Disneyland and Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom) taking the Guided Tour ("recommended for first-time or short-time visitors," as the brochure explains it), on reaching Fantasyland, being matched with a careful selection of one of the Disney Princesses to do a cooking lesson involving the cuisines of the several cultures represented by same? (As in, say, Jasmine demonstrating just how easy couscous is as a side dish or even preparing tabouleh ... Meridia offering some pointers on making Scots scones or oatcake ... Belle baking up brie en croute or even a simple French peasant stew ... Ariel demonstrating how simple it can be to grill seafood ... Mulan demonstrating a simple yet light chop suey ... even Tiana outdoing herself with a crab boil or even gumbo over brown rice.)

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of
Vic and Sade through the years)


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