18h UTC; SUNDAY, 24 FEBRUARY 2013: "Ladies and gentiemen: For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my country."

Thus spake conservative prolefeeder and the worst possible sort of Hero, Role-Model and True Patriot known (except, perhaps, to the army of "poor whiteism" across the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKa"), Rush Limbaugh by name and stylee, on his Thursday afternoon hatecast.

And in expecting his minions of the poor, undereducated and easily-led in their collective Luscious Glory of most arrogant race and national consciousness not seen since apartheid South Africa in its own Luscious Glory as "God's Own Country" to blindly concur, The Oxycontin Boar may have secretly wanted his flock to go into full-on "slit our wrists, be blood brothers" mode of fanaticism to be packaged as martyrdom rivalled only by what the maniacally delusional Rev. Jim Jones of the People's Temple of the Disciples of Christ called for among his minions at the Jonestown "agricultural project" down Guyana way in the early-morning hours of November 19, 1978: Seeking reprisal for People's Temple goons assainating Congressman Leo Ryan, as was arriving to investigate reports of abuse, psychopathic maltreatment, brainwashing and worse, Rev. Jones called his flock to a communal dining area in the pre-dawn and served them Kool-Aid laced with cyanide in the hope of Glorious Martyrdom against the prospect of Guyanese military and police forces storming the Jonestown compound and conducting "reprisals."

All in all, 917 people took The Other Way Out on the command of a religious psychopath who himself also took the same measures by shooting himself in the mouth with a Luger pistol.

In reality, Meneer Limbaugh should be ashamed of himself all the more so than Our Dear Lovely Nation.

Especially because of his taking devious, unscrupulous and psychopathically-delusional advantage of poor, dispossessed and vulnerable audiences whose parents and grandparents themselves were avid followers and/or supporters of Fr. Charles Coughlin's Radio Shrine of the Little Flower and his National Union for Social Justice, never mind its playing footsie with Fascist and Nazi sympathisers trans-Atlantic and his "sermons" sometimes being verbatim translations of remarks from Nazi Propaganda and Enlightenment Minister Josef Goebbels the week previous.

His using--nay, perverting--the power and intrusion of the broadcast radio medium to potentially dangerous, corrupt and seditious ends, and claiming his commentaries should be viewed as "entertainment" to avoid any sense of culpability and responsibility should his comments translate into outright sedition and ultraviolence.

His willingly prostituting himself to the high altar of right-wing religiopolitical causes gleefully willing (conditional on his silence throughout) to use Limbaugh's programme to advance the prevailing conservative ideological line to an easily-influenced audience, unaware of its real consequences upon the targeted.

His blatant contempt and flippant mockery of his "REAL AmeriKKKan" audience with his wealth, and using same as a tool of generating shame and arrogance in audiences not expected to advance much beyond menial positions.

His mocking women, political opponents, working-class Americans, labour sympathisers and even National Minorities for ends rivalled in depravity only by Julius Streicher's Nazi-era hate tabloid Der Sturmer ("The Attacker"), whose name lives on in journalistic infamy for its pornographically crude, base and oversimplified anti-Semitism as successfully stoked anti-Semitic feelings in the German populace such as made Kristellnacht and the ensuing Holocaust possible.

His twisting patriotism to serve new and dangerously depraved lows, especially when appeals to racist arrogance disguised as "pride in country" can be resorted to.

His fabricating non-existant scandals out of whole cloth to manufacture equally-fabricated outrage in his listening audience, not expected to know such was fabricated all along (cf. "professional wrestling" and the salad days of Roller Derby).

His attracting advertising revenue, for the most part, from the worst sort of companies known, including gold-coin dealers, "multi-level marketing" companies, "work-from-home" plans and suchlike fond of taking advantage financial and otherwise of the audience.

In short, his being nothing less than a Sower of Discord as is nothing like the Greek mythos about Paris' throwing that Golden Apple of Discord, knowing that Athena, Hera and Aphrodite would fight over the title of the most beautiful ... and eventually giving the honour to Aphrodite, who in her turn developed a strategy to provoke the Trojan Wars by kidnapping Queen Helen of Troy (whose face, as we all know, was of such ravishing beauty that it would launch the thousand ships against Athens).

For those reasons, more than anything, Rush Limbaugh ought be ashamed of himself and not the Nation.

And on a par with Cain's bawling his heart out "Am I my brother's keeper?" when he slew his own brother, Abel.

Such, perhaps, should be enough for the Real Americans among us to basically renounce and disassociate conservative hatemongers in the sphere of public discourse lest their very lips come forth the call for armed insurrection which could, in its turn, mean what the "REAL AmeriKKKan" has been taught and conditioned to fear by such propaganda conduits: Nothing less than the "New World Order" betraying and usurping Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations.

And to realise that it's such prolefeeders--and, in a way, its viewing and listening audience, as the case may be--who may be the enablers of our destruction and betrayal.



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