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00h UTC; TUESDAY, 18 DECEMBER 2012: There can be no mistaking the fact that last Friday's Unfortunate Events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT are continuing to trigger feelings of empathetic shock, revulsion and outrage ... especially when Elmer Gantryites, in their Luscious Glory of playing the post hoc, ergo propter hoc card to oversimplify things in their narrowly-defined context, come into the equation by insisting, to take the example of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on Fox Prolefeed, that such is a sign that Yahweh God is "willfully and consciously being removed from the public square" by President Obama.

And it gets even more curioser and curioser when you learn that the assailant, Adam Lanza by name and stylee (who eventually took The Other Way Out), had a gun collector for his mother (who was also one of the victims of the massacree) as inexplicably stocked up on quite the arsenal of firepower as would make the NRA drool approvingly big-big time enow to give her some class of an award rivalling Nazi Germany's Honour Cross of the German Mother ... who, it's also emergeth, homeschooled the son. Which, in its turn, is enough to wonder if such was of the Christian National Homeschooling sort which carries the danger of being used for brainwashing and mind control in its emphasis of idealised values over core skills, a curriculum as would make apartheid South Africa's Christelik Nasionale Onderwys sort look like a weekend in some Wisconsin Dells waterpark resort of the worst possible sort known.

Interesting sidelight on how the Unfortunate Events of late can affect TV scheduling: Fox cancelled previously-scheduled holiday episodes of Family Guy and American Dad Sunday evening whose stories too easily recalled said Unfortunate Events, substituting reruns of both. A scheduled rerun of The Cleveland Show, also on Fox, was itself replaced by another rerun to avoid offending traumatised viewers.

Premieres of two films as had themes of Extreme Ultraviolence were cancelled at the weekend, with their theatrical releases likely affected; the studios involved cited the extreme sensitivity of the moment.

It'd be interesting to find out if the AmeriKKKan RepubliKKKan party has some class of "friendly alliance" with the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan, which is neither considering that its true ideology is of a conservative, "stay-the-course" brand excusing crony capitalism and other root causes of corruption and barration. An agenda as made them unpopular over recent years with Japanese voters, only to return them to power in case some opposition party of the hour soured on their agenda.

I bring this up inasmuch as the LDP reclaimed the majority in Japanese Parliamentary elections at the weekend, easily defeating the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) as ousted the LDP's long-established chokehold on power in 2009 ... and as if that weren't enough, the LDP is expected to form a Parliamentary Alliance with the New Komeito Party, traditionally interconnected with the Fundamentalist Buddhist movement Nichiren, as won 31 seats.

Honestly: Who would believe any head of state as makes remarks such as this:
The successful launch of our Kwangmyongsong-2 satellite is also another victory achieved by our military and people, by faithfully following the teachings of the great leader [Kim Jong-il].
Such were the actual remarks of North Korea's ceremonial head of state, Kim Yong Nam, at a mass rally held Sunday at a stadium in Beautiful Downtown Pyongyang to commemorate the memory of their so-called "Eternal First Secretary" Kim Jong Il on the one-year anniversary of his shock decease from a combination of heart failure and diabeetus. (Official announcement of his death was two days later.)

And you thought Pepsi Special (available in Japan only) was awful enough, what with its including the "fat-blocker" maltodextrin as entitled it to special Japanese Health Ministry certification as a Special Dietary Product: Back stateside, Pepsi has announced that its Diet Pepsi range will be reformulated in the artificial sweetener arena to remove aspertame, as was found to break down all too easily in warm weather so as to affect taste and product quality. (By contrast, Diet Rite Pure Zero uses Splenda, the only national diet cola brand to so use, and Zevia uses stevia extract.)


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