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00h UTC; MONDAY, 4 FEBRUARY 2013: So is Minnesota finally getting serious winter snowfall for once, even if it's unlikely to make a serious dent in the drought conditions prevailing over the last year or so? From what I understand, National Weather Service climatologists hath it that the Upper Midwestern region of the United States may be in for higher-than-average precipitation levels heading into the early spring.

But, alas for it! probably not enow to replenish topsoil moisture levels to a decent level (in fact, much of the Upper Midwest is considered Abnormally Dry or in Moderate Drought). Still, though, the spring thaw could be the best chance to know if this snow may save Midwestern agriculture, depending on how well the meltwater percolates into the topsoil and replenishes the aquifer.

Can having "acute cuteness" pose a Serious Health Issue?
To the zoologists at the world-renowned and far-famed San Diego Zoo, yes. Especially when you're a panda cub by name of Xiao Liwu, as has become rather popular thanks to the Zoo's PandaCam on their website; zookeepers there will tell you that the six-month-old panda cub, offspring of Bai Yun via Shi Shi, has become rather feisty for even the zoo's veterinarians to keep track of as he makes continuing strides in his development.

But then again, the San Diego Zoo may have some competition
for the affectations of making people happy: Your Correspondent understands that San Diego's also home of greeting card publisher Suzy's Zoo, whose creations have been something of a secret interest of Your Correspondent. It just seems its namesake, Suzy Spafford, must have that certain je ne sais quoi that proves irresistably attractive.

Gratefully, Your Correspondent is that sort of blogger who thinks the ilk of Honey Boo-Boo aren't deserving of serious attention in a blog which seeks to target those who think for themselves, who are just too sophisto for distractive and manufactured Reality. Same for the current series of American Idol, which he can only hope can get so pathetic that the worst possible singer vocally (think here a combination of Alessandro Moreschi and Florence Foster Jenkins) actually manages to remain on week after week, eventually to win the $1 million grand prize (with recording contract as well).



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