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00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 25 JULY 2012: Let's proceed with the topics to hand today, shall we:
  • So where exactly is the evidence certain far-right prolefeeders claim is extant to suggest that James Holmes, the suspect in last Friday's Aurora Theatre Massacree, was actually set up by the Obama Administration to carry out same in Manchurian Candidate-stylee so as to excuse "emergency powers" including suspension of the Constitution generally and the Second Amendment especially, itself likely to "intimidate the REAL Patriots, the Defenders of Our Dear Lovely Nation"? How do we know these aren't "Hitler Diaries"-stylee forgeries we're dealing with (especially considering where Microsoft Word can produce professional-looking forgeries as can fool police experts)?
    (Let's not forger where the repute of the mass-circulation West German weekly magazine Stern wound up badly compromised by the "Hitler Diaries" debacle in March 1983, especially after the Bundesarchiv's researchers suspected that the whole thing was a farce, using materals as weren't widely available during the Nazi regime.)
  • As a byproduct of the Unfortunate Events last Friday morning, Warner Brothers, as is distributing The Dark Knight Rises, has announced where it has made "substantial contributions," not otherwise identified, to the relief of the victims.
  • Meanwhile, the cultural conservative Zealots and True Believers need to deal with unwitting doublethink in response to Recent Unfortunate Events vis-a-vis their insistence in the "moral superiority" of Amerikanischer Realkultur as essential to AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity while concurrently lambasting it for an "unhealthy emphasis" on sex and violence (all the while suggesting that a more "natural" defining standard for said Realkultur should be the so-called "music shows" of Branson in their Luscious Glory of Nutritious Patriotism rivalled, unfortunately, by the Nazis' Kraft durch Frude (KdF) sponsoring "folk culture festivals").
  • Imagine a group of Ku Kluxers confronting another of their "troublemaker" victims with the usual regalia of pointed hoods, starched-white robes and flaming torches (as if preparing for a cross-burning in connexion), only to wind up reacting like that scene in Crocodile Dundee where Paul Hogan brandishes a canecutter's machete upon a mugger threatening him with a flickknife, scaring the mugger out of his wits ... only in the case of the Klansmen, they eventually run scared into what turns out being a high-speed police chase, wounding or otherwise killing all involved (further imagine the whole, especially the dashcam footage of the Ku Kluxers being hit at speed, being choerographed Benny Hill-stylee in YouTube).
  • With corporations now considered to have the same legal status as people in the United States, perhaps it was time to start asking whether the legal doctrine known as the Prudent Man Rule (as requires such entrusted with Other People's Monies, e.g., as a trustee, to act with prudence and sobriety and apply the same "due care and skill" they would with their own monies) should likewise extend to corporate governance and fiduciary duty.
  • "So where's the outrage here, people?!" department: A survey conducted by an airline trade group of 50 leading airlines worldwide reveals that bagagge-related and other whimsically unnecessary fees and charges almost always disclosed in flyspeck type generated for said airlines revenue of $26 billion last year. And, Your Correspondent wonders, without due accountability!!
  • How do we know Walmart isn't really behind the latest conservative prolefeed trope against the welfare-dependent as suggests their being "enslaved to the State" when, in matter of fact, it's more than likely Walmart as is the real agent of peonage (and paying off such prolefeeders pushing the meme to shift the blame from Walmart to the State, as if insisting that Walmart was above reproach "as of natural right"?
Meanwhile, as the Surf Rats Dawn Patrol makes its way unto the beach in a dense fog and mist....

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