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00h UTC; MONDAY, 28 JANUARY 2013: As Your Correspondent pens these thoughts in the virtual journal known as Teh Blogospheerez, a Major Winter Storm makes its presence known in these orisons of the Minnwissippi, with a known mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain certain to make the going rather treacherous ere the Monday morning schools run gets underway--or will it, what with roads getting rather slick and icy especially in country areas to make the going very hazardous?

Meanwhile, he's fixing up some Wild Rice Tomato Soup for the supper (it's simmering as I post these comments), whence some canned chicken breast will be added ... and, for a side, some garlic cheese bread will be had on the side. (In case you want the sourcing therefor...)

To such in the RepubliKKKan ranks insisting on a "complete and final" ban on abortion and contraception, the whole excused as being For My God and My Country, are they forgetting about where the Communist regime under Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania (1966-1989), in its Luscious Glory of mandating at least five children per married couple (and offering those willing to raise their offspring preference in job assignments, apartments and ration allowances, among other perks), saw such policies as one with Hastening the Final Achievement of Pure Socialism per the Marxist/Leninist ideal ... unaware all along of the social costs ensuing down the road (in particular the likelihood of labour surpluses down the road, with their potential for social unrest and wholesale "social parasitism" among such without jobs and unable to find same in a centrally-planned, state-controlled economy whose propaganda was forever insisting that mass unemployment would be the eventual unravelling of capitalism)? "Those who do not recall the past," usw.

Before RepubliKKKan politicos and their prolefeed enablers continue pushing the trope that any tax increases will automatically translate into "significant economic harm and danger," especially in wholesale job losses and business closings, what would preclude the Real American from insisting on proving such with actual case studies and valid historical precedent?

As you may or may not have heard by now, Fox News has chosen not to renew their contract with "Our Sarah" as a paid mouthpiece and prolefeeder for undisclosed reasons. All we have to say is "Good riddance." Let's hope a few cable systems start pulling Fox News from their cable lineups within measurable distance and replace such with more responsible, more balanced, more cosmopolitan even, news channels such as BBC World News, France 24, DW-TV or NHK Global.

Likewise with radio stations across "REAL AmeriKKKa" as realise that continuing to have prolefeeders like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham and Tom Leykis on their programme are serious liabilities for both listeners and advertisers--and, ultimately, the bottom line.

Given where Your Correspondent feels somewhat frustrated at recent and occasional outages affecting LinkReferral.com, which he's relied on almost exclusively to aid in traffic building since the shock demise of Entrecard last summer, he's beginning to wonder if LinkReferral.com is itself having technical issues as could affect member confidence and trust to the point where an Entrecard-like shutdown may be inevitable. And with a general distrust of certain types of traffic exchange schemes as basically follow the same cookie-cutter template, he's having to wonder if there are viable alternatives worht taking the risk on in the greater desire of building traffic and attention. Any suggestions would be welcome and appreciated.



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