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16h53 UTC; SUNDAY, 20 NOVEMBER 2011: Thursday being Thanksgiving Day in the United States, such is no doubt guaranteed to see plenty of opportunities for family reunions wholesale over the holiday dinner of turkey and the trims.

As well as plenty of opportunity for discussion on especially the timely topics in the headlines of the moment, a concept which (unfortunately) got started last year when now-disgraced talkback radio host Glenn Beck, when he still had a presence on Fox News Channel alongside his radio such (the former having ended back in the spring and the latter seeing loss of stations in especially major markets, but still seeking to reclaim a presence via his online vidiot's lamp of Diogenes), suggested that the ideolgy and articles of faith held deeply and dearly by the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement be given discussion time over the Thanksgiving table, especially the "healthy and positive" effects thereof upon the average person (or so he thought).

In any event, Your Correspondent feels it his duty to enter into the breach and offer up a few worthwhile and yet timely topics for Thanksgiving Table Talk, the better to stimulate critical thinking skills by and large:
  1. As per Mein Innkeeper Friend, "WHO DOES MORE FOR THE ECONOMY: One with $10 million net worth, or fifty with $100,000 net worth each?" (Note that I have launched off to the side of the page a survey asking that very question amongst ye visitors.)
  2. The Other 99%, and how best to empower them according to GOP articles of faith insisting that capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics is essential to Our National and Sovereign Identity, Antient and Peculiar, and that the two are mutually interconnected and interlocking For Mutual Benefit.
  3. The general irrationality and illogic common to GOP/"Tea Party" Presidential wannabes vis-a-vis their agendae and related articles of faith, especially considering the Clear and Present Danger such could actually pose to Our Beloved Nation, contrary to official explanations therefor which they're probably pushing as Timely Table Talk for Thanksgiving themselves.
  4. So much for GOP Presidential wannabe Rick Santorum's suggestion, if only to improve his ever-faltering poll numbers ahead of the Iowa Caucuses, that REAL AmeriKKKans "should suffer as Jesus suffered" to Reclaim Our Dear Lovely Nation From Itself: Aren't we forgetting that the North Korean people are being asked to suffer in the name of "Eternal Leader" Kim Il Sung, "Great Leader" Kim Jong Il and "Young General" Kim Jong Un towards the Final Perfection and Achievement of the Juche Idea, reinforced as need be by atrocity prolefeed suggesting that starvation, famine and privation galore and prevailing unchecked and rampant across The Rest of the World to pacify them into accepting ever-smaller food rations?
  5. Whether it's actually possible to empower the Lower Classes with such articles of faith as those of Afrikaner Nationalists down South Africa way during the mid-1930's, in particular the Sanctii Sanctorum (as it were) that 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself"), preferably through Reddingsdaad ("mutual self-help") and Volkskapitalisme ("people's capitalism"), towards the Luscious Glory of a Community of the Volk anchored in that mystical bond of Volkseenheid ("natural unity of the people") being one with the Nation, and sharing common identity and bond.
  6. The clear and present likelihood that the AmeriKKKan Christian Right's atrocity prolefeed about the Clear and Present Danger of Major Persecution of the Faith of Our Fathers, Holy Faith, We Shall Be True to Thee 'Til Death (cf. Nazi atrocities towards the Jews and other "undesirable" and "subhuman" elements and apartheid South Africa's contempt towards blacks and "coloureds," to use the regime's official euphemism for such of mixed racial origins), is perhaps insincere to the point of exaggerated, especially absent credible substantiating evidence beyond forgeries in the "Hitler Diaries" vein or the most bizarre and deluded fantasies influenced by Al Cohol, Mary Jane Warner, Auntie Em or Old Doctor White.
  7. For such seeking to launch their own online shopping presence on their website or blog (e.g., through's aStores facility or suchlike), considering an approach based on the practical and utilitarian, as well as seeking out a simple, easily-understood formula, mathematical or otherwise, into what exactly constitutes practicality vis-a-vis merchandise worth offering.
  8. Imagining the prospect of Sandra Boynton's cats dancing their hearts away to the insturmental theme to the 1966 French film classic A Man and a Woman (Un homme et un femme) in an animation thus scored. (As seems to be the case with Your Correspondent.)
  9. Actual English-language blurb from a package of "no-name" curry sold at 100-yen stores in Japan: "Have you ever wanted to eat a master of curry? Now you can. This is it." (Not that anyone would seriously attempt it literally.)
  10. Whether Die Bransoner Muzikschaukultur should properly be considered as a defining acid test, so to speak, for what constitutes an Amerikanischer Leikultur according to cultural conservative standards and beliefs, reeking as they are of discreet appeals to latent racism, nativism, xenophobic jingoism and worse (cf. Nazi Germany's use of the Kraft durch Frude ["Strength Through Joy"] scheme, administered through the Labour Ministry, to promote an idealised German folk culture through "folk festivals" under KdF sponsorship).
  11. Whether external suggestions for Timely Thanksgiving Table Talk such as the preceding should really be worth discussing over the dinner Thursday.
Meanwhile, consider avoiding the Black Friday bedlam and confusion by shopping the Online Mall of this work by its author well ahead of time; you'll also help reduce the American National Debt with your ensuing purchases, thanks to Your Correspondent's generosity towards that end.

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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