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00h UTC; THURSDAY, 12 JULY 2012: Perhaps it was time that we got on to business, as it were, with the topics to hand:
  • No wonder the "Tea Party" must be salivating unto its Luscious Glory at the Chapter 9 bankruptcy filings by Stockton, CA; Scranton, PA; and now San Bernadino, CA, citing reduced tax receipts and the increased cost burden of health cover under pension plans for retired city employees as the rationale behind said bankruptcy filings (and, in Scranton's case, reducing the salaries of even essential city employees to mininum wage, over union objections): They'd love to find ways to reorganise such along coroprate models (as in Limited Liability Companies) with share flotations thereof as wind up being traded on the Pink Sheets more than likely.
  • You'll never guess the common denominator between Mitt Romney's Presidential campaign and Victoria's Secret, itself the target of so-called "traditional values" types for "slutty and provocative" fashions and several FreeVee specials so featuring (considering where the objectors thereof must have fashion ideas right out of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints [FLDS] and Afrikaner Voortrekker types as came back into fashion down South Africa way during die Tweede Trek of 1938).
  • If this isn't a creative way of baby smuggling, we don't know what is (but don't try it at home): Police in the United Arab Emirates have arrested a couple who, in their frustration over delays in getting an Egyptian visa for their infant son, had him secreted in carry-on luggage at the Sharjah airport, only to be discovered by X-ray baggage scanners. The infant is doing alright, and the parents are assisting police in their enquiries. (Cf. a running gag in the original Garfield and Friends animated TV series from the late 1980's in which Garfield ships "the world's cutest kitten," Nermal, to Abu Dhabi out of spite over her obnoxious cuteness).
  • So much for the delusion of Rep. Alan West (GOP/FL) insisting that Social Security "is a form of enslavement," prompting this online petition drive taking Rep. West to task for the flawed analogy as seeks to be exploited by privatisation Zealots and True Believers who stand to profit more so therefrom than the working-classes supposedly to be "empowered" thus by virtue of its "people-centred" approach (cf. Latinoamericano models endorsed by the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation in their Luscious Glory of insistence that ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe is Essential and Integral to AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity, National and Sovereign--so long as "national" was in the context implied in and by the white-supremacist acronym ORION ["Our Race Is Our Nation"], reinforced itself by the Elmer Gantryite trope that "every Nation is rooted in a country allocated unto it by Yahweh God").
  • Sorry, Mitt Romney: It's YOU, not President Obama, as really stands accused of having "no understanding how the AmeriKKKan economy works," which is likely to conceal serious psychopathic Delusions of Grandeur on your part about hoping to (paraphrasing Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four) tear apart the existing AmeriKKKan socioeconomic paradigm and recast such in new shapes of your own choosing--howbeit Fascistic, even to the extent of embracing the Italian Fascisti's creation of The 23 Corporations in the National Interest, essentially amounting to State interference in that free-market socioeconomic model you insist is somehow interconnected to Our National Character and Identity. Projection, pure and unadulterated. (Have you considered getting your head examined, Governor Romney?)
  • As if UPS' announcement that it was pulling advertising from Rush Limbaugh henceforth wasn't already driving The Oxycontin Boar further into paranoid delusions which could become his own unravelling with just one careless lapsus linguae on air--which he'll try to get away with by pleading the old "heat of the moment" reveals for you just how much of a fraud Meneer Limbaugh is resorting to to win back listener numbers and confidence, in particular with phony Facebook "groups" whose "followers" turn out to be employees of his distributor, Premiere Radio Networks ... and which disappear just as quickly. With these facts to hand, how many more stations will feel compelled to pull Limbaugh's show from the air (especially money-losing small- and medium-market AM hayburners having to survive on the profits of their FM sisters because the incedinary nature thereof has been driving away listeners and advertisers alike, and whose management is at a loss for new format or playlist ideas short of letting the station "go dark"--industry jargon for leaving the air)?
Meanwhile, in the Junior Surf Rat Patrol....

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