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00h UTC; MONDAY, 2 JULY 2012: Make no mistake about this, reader: The Elmer Gantryite prolefeeders must be working overtime this weekend, in their Luscious Glory of paranoia serving His Name and Will, coming up with the finest in Divine Wrath and Judgment prolefeed to explain Friday evening's derecho wave roughly parallel to The National Road (parallel to present-day I-70/US 40, for the most part) and continuing parallel to I-64 on to tidewater.

The end result of which was some 3 million people without electric power (complicated even more by a heat wave setting new high-temperature records in many of the afflicted areas, plus heat indices close to 110 degrees), wholesale property destruction, States of Emergency in all or parts of five states and the District of Columbia and 13 deaths from the storm's effects or the heat. And as if that weren't bugger-all annoying, power company officials are saying that power may not be fully restored until around Independence Day--or later.

Which, in any case, has prompted civic leaders and relief groups to open cooling stations in some areas to help such without power or air conditioning, offer cases of bottled water to the elderly and disabled, and waive admission charges at public swimming pools.

The net effect of which will be to seek the Reclamation of Our Dear Lovely Nation Unto His Will and Glory, hoping to claim from abeyance the title of God's Own Country that apartheid South Africa had to abandon when it abandoned apartheid in 1994--with the added Extreem Urgency of Thursday's Supreme Court ruling upholding health-cover reform.


With word emerging that the Greater "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement may be about to stage a comeback with largely localised rallies on July 4th, the better to exploit the late Supreme Court ruling upholding ObamaCare (seen by that historically-ignorant crowd as a Clear and Present Threat to Divinely-Willed and -Ordained Liberty Essential to AmeriKKKan National Identity and Character), such could be enough for the Real Americans among us (unlike the Fox News-influenced simulation trotted out on occasion for prolefeed ends) to come up with some interesting and worthwhile counterattacks in the prolefeed arena.

"Fight prolefeed with prolefeed," as it were.

One interesting possibility: In the spirit of folklore insisting that weaths of garlic or crucifixes help repel vampires and werewolves, imagine as "Tea Party" repellants in a psychological vein the likes of "The March of the Volunteers," the old "Uber alles" (as in "Deutschland, Deutschland") and "Die Stem van Suid-Afrika" played from sound trucks encircling their "mass rallies" targeting the psychoemotionally impotent whose minds can easily be manipulate thanks to their unfortunate state made even worse by circumstances not of their own making.


Creative Laundering of the Immoral Proceeds of Crime or Terrorism, made all the easier under the Citizens United ruling: As in Sheldon (Las Vegas Sands) Adelson's using SuperPAC's in aid of the Mitt Romney Presidential campaign as may unwittingly be financed by Chinese and East Asian criminal elements, corrupt Chinese Communist Party officials and prostitutes making their presence known at Adelson's casinos in the former Portugese colony-turned-Chinese Special Administrative Region of Macau near Hong Kong.


A new low for the old "whose bread I eat, his song I sing," Indecision 2012 file: It's being reported that the Ohio headquarters of the Romney Presidential campaign, supposedly in the interest of charity, will distribute bottled water and MRE's to such parts of Columbus, OH as are still afflicted by power outages since Friday's extra-powerful derecho, even to the extent of using campaign buses to deliver such to relief shelters.

Let's just hope this doesn't raise questions of in-kind vote-buying.


Bryan "AmeriKKKan Family Association" Fischer, in insisting that Chief Justice Roberts' ruling on ObamaCare's constitutionality (in Meneer Fischer's words) "reduced the Constitution to a mere sheet of parchment" is probably up there in national-exceptionalist arrogance and vanity with apartheid South Africa invoking that Vow of Sorel Cillers invoking His Name unto the Laager at Bloeiriver on December 16, 1838 as a Sanctii Sanctorum of Afrikaner National and Cultural Identity and Heritage, the High Altar of the Civil Religion thus inspired being the Voortrekker Monument above Pretoria (especially so Die Senotaaf as is the centerpiece of Die Heldesaal, especially when the noonday sun of December 16th hits Die Senotaaf's Holy and Sacred Inscription ONS VIR JOU, SUID-AFRIKA ["We For Thee, South Africa"] in renewing that Holy and Inseparable Covenant Thus Sealed by Our Voortrekker Forebears, or so the trope would go).


Memo to such specimens of RepubliKKKan Zealotry and True Belief in Congress: Knowing consciously the Biblical injunction that "you cannot serve two masters," who exactly do you owe your allegiance to: The very Constitution you took a solemn oath to defend "against all enemies, foreign and domestic," or to Grover Norquist in his Luscious Glory of hoping to "drown [the existing United States Government] in the bathtub" by your coopting his patsy of opposing any and all tax increases for the Greater Luscious Glory of the Nation?

And if it's Meneer Nortquist, shouldn't you be ashamed of yourself, considering where you may have, by the very act of signing that promise to Norquist, actually betrayed that very oath of office, thereby setting yourselves up to sell out Our Dear Lovely Nation that you claim to love and cherish "deeply and dearly"? (And don't come crying to me; you knew what you were doing all the while.)


Memo to such, in their Luscious Glory of Defending the Purity and Sachristy of Biblically-Defined Marriage, calling for a boycott of General Mills cereals in response to their opposition to Minnesota's "Defence of Marriage" Constitutional Amendment Plebiscite: One of your very heroes and role-models, by name of Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (1852-1943), saw the creation of ready-to-eat breakfast cereals at his Battle Creek Sanitarium as one with preventing "carnal desires" among the young which were seen to be caused by hot breakfasts on a regular basis. (In fact, much of Kellogg's seminal work, Plain Facts for Old and Young, seems to be devoted heavily to sexual excess and its presumed evils, in particular where masturbation comes into play.)


Tell me this isn't the latest stoopid "Tea Party" scaremongering tactic in service to "grass roots" fundraising (as in text-message hoaxes claiming that a warrant has been, or will soon be, issued against the receipent for unspecified charges or otherwise for "failing to report to jury duty," with a $500 fine possible unless timely action is taken in response).

In any case, should you get such a message, ignore it and contact local law-enforcement agencies through non-emergency channels (where available, use 311).


Given the Greater "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement's perverted application of historical inspiration perhaps being enough to make them swear off tea as the beverage of choice, you have to wonder how many among the rank-and-file drink cereal-based coffee substitutes (and we can imagine what that ilk thinks of the likes of Cafix, Pero and Inka, which are the brands of choice in this respect since Instant Postum went off the market a few years back due to slow sales).


One Thing More: To lay to rest any confusion vis-a-vis The Online Mall (q.v.), please know that the only way Your Correspondent can expect to earn any money therefrom is through your purchases from any of the several e-tailers with whom he hath affiliate relationships with; said purchases, upon due confirmation, earning commissions for Your Correspondent proportionate to the actual sale, and varying in amount thereof among said e-tailers. Which, come to think of it, is about the only way mainstream e-tailers now pay website and blogger affiliates for the traffic they thus generate; "pay-per-click" marketing has now been discredited as vulnerable to fraud and manipulation, leaving such to be the lonely domain of disreputable and dodgy websites, especially those with adult content, promoting MLM and HYIP schemes and auto-surfing rotators.

Now you know.

So what otherwise intervenes in getting said online shopping done?

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