00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 5 JUNE 2013: A couple of interesting items this time around for our friends in that arena known as "AmeriKKKa Needs to Be More Like China" when it comes to Reclaiming Prosperity through the disciplines of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe being one with Our National Character and Identity (as no doubt relate to other underlying articles of faith cherished deeply and dearly by that crowd, as will be seen):

For one, conservatives' contempt of unwed mothers (sometimes to the point of equating such with prostitutes or other Dregs of Society) fits in well with an item out of Wuhan which hath it that local women giving birth out of wedlock could be penalised severely by local officials, particularly so when it comes to housing and ration allowances, jobs and even residency permits. And you still have that "one child per couple" policy as is already starting to cause serious issues in and of itself, particularly when it comes to state pensions

For another, conservative contempt for press freedom and due impartiality (especially their insistence that the news media serve as an ideological tool and weapon in "winning over hearts and minds" rivalled only by totalitarian regimes' treatment of the media) calls to mind this item from BBC Monitoring's daily roundup of Chinese media:
[A] commentary by Beijing state newspaper Global Times warns that free speech advocates are gaining the support of "Western public opinion" in opposing state controls over the internet.

"Political and moral traps that deceive netizens should be prevented from arising on the internet. Management to reduce online rumours and curb clamour that deceives people and harms the country should be carried out resolutely according to the law," it stresses.

Global Times commentary calls on Chinese journalists to "reflect rationally" on recent social media guidelines for staff at the Associated Press and to refrain from posting "unconstrained" views that are at odds with their publications.

"A process is needed for eliminating the 'politicization' of social networks, in which media professionals should make efforts instead of exacerbating problems. Professional media outlets in China should maintain their influence and judgment, and avoid acting as a loud-hailer for social networks," the commentary stresses.

However, commentator Hu Yong in
China Youth Daily says it is unrealistic for journalists to remain totally objective in a social media age.

"If social media policies prevent dialogue among journalists, journalists will have also lost an opportunity for reflection," Hu Yong concludes.
(And pray, how are journalists expected to "reflect rationally" on their content when they're expected to serve as soldiers in the Greater Ideological Battle for Thy Dear and Lovely Nation, conscious of the conservative "words-as-weapons" mantra a la WorldNetDaily, Newsmax, Accuracy in Media, CNSNews, One News Now and The Blaze? Isn't this, in essence, playing outright doublethink? And pray further, what exactly constitutes, for the sake of a free and impartial media, "political and moral traps that deceive netizens," let alone the defining standards and tests therefor?)

Which, in any case, brings to mind this informative infographic via the Facebook presence of Media Matters for America, guardians and watchdogs of conservative bias and prolefeed of the highest order (and deserving of your attention and patronage, at that):



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