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19h20 UTC; FRIDAY, 11 NOVEMBER 2011: First off, Your Correspondent feels it necessary to have to relaunch this rather esoteric work by its author because of problems with the Yola Sitebuilder facility as prevent his being able to work on the original blog site ... and relaunching it with the name and stylee of this site, as opposed to merely "blog"; the better to give it a chance to get recognised better. "Branding," I believe they call it.

Which would basically mean dropping the old blog page you've come to know and love so well as things get settled down, particularly where Entrecard is involved as a traffic generation device. That, and trying to find some free-no-cost replacements therefor in trying to generate serious traffic as much as attention for this spot in the Greater Blogosphere.


Meanwhile, good to know that Your Correspondent is back on Teh Innerwebz (seriously) after quite awhile of having some problems trying to get online for once on his cable-modem connexion. Which, all in all, was traced to a loose mounting in a motherboard in some housing at the pole for the cable-broadband line, same needing to be replaced to get back to some semblance of normalcy for yours truly. Not to mention having to move the interconnexion to another terminal box on the same line, making things work out rather fine.

But then again, doesn't it seem rather frustrating to not get online when you really want to, let alone not being able to get your blog posted when you want to because of technical issues as relate to the scripting causing a rather slow "endless loop" in the download department? (Such is also likely to affect editing for the Online Mall, which may also have to be essentially remade.)

In any case, Your Correspondent urges your forebearance and patience as he seeks to get reestablished (and with page names as could actually make serious sense for once, rather than the generic-sounding page names he's used heretofore). Not to mention urging your prayers for his sanity throughout the whole process.


It's probably just me, but you probably have to wonder if the whole GOP Presidential field has their screws come loose in Indecision 2012 campaigning, what with their jingoistic appeals seeing AmeriKKKa to be Lord and Master of the World, the Universe and the 28 Known Galaxies, the Rest of the World being essentially irrelevant and moot.


In any event, getting back to the recasting of the weblog, of this this is its first post under name and stylee of "The Blog That Am!" rather than just "blog": I hope that the QR coding will be much easier to deal with, as it seems to be something of an issue which prevents the original blog page from loading in SiteBuilder at Yola ... and that it can be put to some serious use as well among those of you with camera smartphones wishing to so read these blog missives thereby.

Meanwhile, you might want to update any bookmarks you have for this The Blog That Am! over to this new page so you won't miss as thing, especially when I delete the old page. And be sure also to resubscribe to the new RSS feed in such readers you may already subscribe to.

All in all, I hope this recast blog, under its rightful name, will be much better than before. I hope you like it.

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.


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