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16h24 UTC; FRIDAY, 15 JUNE 2012: As if the articles of faith among so-called "Tea Party" types insisting that only ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe is best equipped to create jobs as will Reclaim the Prosperity of Our Dear Lovely Nation wasn't rather absurd and illogical enough (especially because the premise therefor is that such jobs would be created spontaneously and out of the goodness of Corporate AmeriKKKa's Heart), along comes word of an Important Better Business Bureau Warning to Jobseekers about an "employment" scam targeting such seeking summer work. Best viewed to be understood.


Mashups we'd love to hear on the radio (howbeit unlikely, given the unhealthy corporate influence of radio these days, yet inspired by a popular Mad magazine trope of "TV Scenes We'd Like to See"):
  • Having The Lightning Seeds' 1983 hit "The Life of Riley" segued almost immediately into an episode of the famous radio sitcom thus entitled, as starred William Bendix in the title role with Paula Winslow as wife Peg and John Brown as Digby O'Dell, "The Friendly Undertaker" ("Greetings, Riley! You're looking fine--very natural!!").
  • Having Eric Burdon and WAR's 1972 hit "The Cisco Kid" segued itself into an episode of its own radio adaptation, especially the syndicated version (1947-56) as starred Jack Mather in the title role with Harry Lang as his comedy-relief Mexican sidekick Pancho.
(BTW, the radio episodes are in MP3 format, ready to listen in streaming audio or download to an MP3 player.)


As if the Elmer Gantryite element wasn't already starting to call for Imprecatory Prayers upon North Dakota for its rejection of two ballot plebiscites on Tuesday as were deeply and dearly cherished by that ilk (in particular Measure 3, which would have allowed for the defence of "deeply- and dearly-held beliefs" to excuse contempt for National Minorities where His Name and Majesty is excused; Measure 2, which would have abolished property taxes, was also rejected) for Reclaiming Our Dear Lovely Nation Unto Yahweh God, such needs to start thinking carefully about the doblethink-laden socioeconomic agenda their GOP/"Tea Party" drookies are pushing as an article of faith ... not to mention their having the wrong targets all along for explaining why Our Dear Lovely Nation and Its Morally-Superior Ideal of ekonomesie vryheid, &c., are in such a state as it is now (and why Indecision 2012 may be all the more imperative for Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations surviving in current form).


So much for the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement being "spontaneous and grass-roots" in nature and purpose: Has anybody considered where the whole thing was built upon the trick, deceit and manipulation (including use of "dogwhistle" code) of such among "the Four Hundred" as are the real brains behind the whole in its several permutations?


T-shirt actually seen last evening by Your Correspondent at the carnival area of Winona Steamboat Days: "ALREADY OPPOSED TO THE NEXT WAR"--hopefully one which conservative Zealots and True Believers would love to promote in the North Korean stylee as "sacred war."


For some reason, property values in traditionally white working-class "group areas" as are plum recruitment targets for the Christian Right and their ultra-conservative prolefeed drookies are forever in "clear and present danger" of serious dilution or collapse should such "not like us" (read: National Minorities du jour) start moving in wholesale.

Such was a particular prolefeed-driven paranoia trope during the Civil Rights Movement of the late 1950's well into the 1960's, when blacks started moving out of traditionally segregated neighbourhoods thanks to Jim Crow collapsing ... and is starting to make the rounds even more with homosexuals starting to gain acceptability in the socioeconomic mainstream.

How do we know that the property values in question aren't actually being inflated by an arbitrarily-defined multiplier (the calculation therefor itself being equally arbitrary) serving only an inflated and self-serving "class consciousness"-driven ego trip lacking any serious relationship to The Real World, especially considering where property-tax rates are calculated proportionate to property value in many states?


One Thing More: Depending on weather conditions, Your Correspondent may be spending a little more time than usual tomorrow at the Steamboat Days festivities such as the auto show and carnival. Likewise on Sunday with the parade and fireworks; hence, don't expect the usual posts over the next two days ... and in the bargain, the Weekly Roundup this week is coming out today in lieu. My Appy Polly Loggies for any inconvenience thereby suffered.

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