00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 9 JANUARY 2013: So much for that "Who Is John Galt?" coddswallop popular among the Ayn Randite element as makes up a substantial share of the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement's rank-and-file support base, unaware of their being used by certain highly-secretive corporate interests: Maybe it was time to ask "Who is Hank Rearden?!" (at least so Your Correspondent thinks).

No wonder the "REAL AmeriKKKan" has some rather warped delusions about Realkultur, or what constitutes a defining standard therefor: One Ohio public-school superintendent, citing "cultural heritage" tropes of the sort Fox News would love to push all the more (without substance, mind you), has refused to kowtow to demands that a portrait of Jeebus be removed from public display at the local high school. Which is on a par with Branson's "music shows" seeking to use the "cultural heritage" trope to condone offensive ethno-racial and ethno-religious stereotypes designed to appease especially its target audience of "REAL AmeriKKKans" having no real regard for culture beyond the low and the trashy (including, it may be assumed, the burnt-cork brand of blackface as was characteristic of minstrel shows).

In their collective Luscious Glory of insisting that taxes be kept all the lower "in the national interest," how do we know the Greater "Tea Party" isn't really (and yet subtly) condoning unrestrained Vice and Sin made manifest, especially in culturally-deprived environments where "poor whiteism" holds high carnival?

From the "two can play at that game" file calling to mind the Afrikaner Economic Movement as seems to be the ideal that "Tea Party" types would love to emulate to rescue the "REAL AmeriKKKan" from cultural and socioeconomic privation, real or imagined: Minnesota's Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, in the interest of diversifying its socioeconomic base beyond casino gaming, has announced its entry into the hospitality industry with plans to acquire the Crowne Plaza and Doubletree hotels in Beautiful Downtown St. Paul. MPR News explains:
The Mille Lacs Band's Chief Executive Melanie Benjamin told band members about the plan today during the annual State of the Band Address. Benjamin described the move as a return to self-reliance for the band, something she says was taken away with centuries of broken treaties and stolen lands.

"Today survival means competing in the American economy. Our goal must be economic self sufficiency," Benjamin said.

In order to survive as a culture and a people, Benjamin said it is critical for the band to diversify business beyond gambling.

"We don't want to be tied to one industry as we were once tied to the federal government. We seek to be self-reliant... and able to choose our path to our future."
As if "Tea Party" insistence most hard-wired about the defence of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe being the Last and Best Hope for Rescuing Our Economy and Our Dear Lovely Nation wasn't gut-wrenching enow....

Inspiration for the following Tweet Recent in connexion with a version of my e-boutique targeting the Swiss market (in French and German versions thereof):None other than a recurring gag of Stan Freberg's on his summer radio series over CBS in 1957 when he referred to foreign acts, regardless of nationality, as being Swiss ("That way, we don't offend no one" was how it was explained, alluding to its tradition of neutrality in international affairs). The best example thereof, IMHO, being in the "Bang Gunley, US Marshall Field's" skit as parodied the Westerns then popular on TV and radio; at the end thereof, a Mexican-sounding character named Pedro, supposedly "materialising suddenly at the end of every episode," explains when asked whether he's Mexican, "No, Senor--Swiss ... That way, we don't offend no one." (And in an obvious Mexican accent, at that!)

(Interesting sidelight to that item: In 1953, the Swiss railway car manufacturer Schildler supplied to the National Railways of Mexico per a Swiss-Mexican trade agreement two complete trainsets making up the Aztec Eagle, intended to be the NdeM's premier passenger train between Nuevo Laredo and Mexico City. The which, unfortunately, wasn't quite up to the rough conditions of Mexican railway track and operations and was almost given up for the scrapper's torch were it not for the fact of numerous railroads north of the Rio Grande giving up on passenger service themselves as unprofitable, hence offering opportunities galore to get rid of surplus passenger stock on the cheap.)

Otherwise, I'd appreciate it if you'd fill out the Slambook for this blog, especially those of you as are adamant to leave comments or thoughts about this blog all along. Or what intervenes otherwise?



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