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15h08 UTC; SUNDAY, 13 MAY 2012: For those of you asking about the allusion in today's post: Those of a certain age who grew up when cable TV was limited to hilly-terrain areas (and then only to improve reception of FreeVee stations from a distance) may recall the weekly animated exploits of Rocky and Bullwinkle on NBC-TV Sunday evenings in the early 1960's (and in subsequent reruns), replete with all manner of topical puns, wordplay and social satire throughout.

One of the classic story arcs from that series was one involving the "Kerwood Derby," a bowler hat supposedly endowing its wearer with the powers of superhuman intellect; the name being a play on Durwaid Kerby (1911-2000), the longtime comic foil of Gary Moore on the latter's long-running radio and TV series ... who, in fact, actually threatened Jay Ward and Bill Scott, the co-producers of Rocky and Bullwinkle, with legal action for Invasion of Privacy, for which Jay Ward offered to advance legal fees for Mr. Kerby in the hope of maximising the publicity value.

(In the end, however, it was a matter of non causa pro causa.)


In any event, it looks as if the Amazing(?!) Race for the Kerwood Derby, somehow mysteriously resurfacing out of the mists of obscurity, has begun anew.

And in any case, expect "Tea Party" and "9/12" types to stumble badly as much as hilariously throughout, as in all manner of miscues, gaffes, false moves, pandering to crude and primitive jingoism and just plain-vanilla stupidity and doublethink, knowing that these (pseudo)movements have particular and especial appeal to the likes of such specimens of poverty, fecundity and ignorance who insist on seeing themselves as "REAL AmeriKKKans" thanks to the unhealthy and potentially corrupting influence of Fox News and conservative talkback radio in their Luscious Glory of exploiting the vulnerable and easily-led with few or no realistic job or career skills, let alone prospects beyond scam offers in the "make-work/fake-work" vein.

Especially when much of their misadventures involves alluding to the Luscious Glory that was white Afrikaner honour and privilege endowed upon the Afrikaner under South Africa's depravity of apartheid as part of the Greater Campaign of Solidarity with the Afrikaner Peoples of South Africa in Clear and Present Danger of Genocide for their Noble and Glorious Race and their Pious and Simple Faith (or so the prolefeed from racist and White Christian Nationalist Zealots and True Believers wants us believing), especially when it takes hagiographic form and fashion pandering to the emo. (Of particular interest: Calls for creating a "Christian Nationalist"-driven youth movement in the vein of Die Voortrekkers, an Afrikaner-centrist alternative to Scouting as tended heavily to "racial and spiritual awareness" in their agenda of youth development and character-building based on its ABC of Afrikanerskap [Afrikaner pride and identity], Burgerskap [citizenship] and Christenskap [Christian service and witness].)

In any case, the whole deserving to be watched. And called out as necessary, preferably through satiric counterattack, snark even, exploiting the weaknesses of the "Tea Party" and "9/12" crowds.


What Walmart isn't telling you (and probably doesn't want you to know) in their adverts for their Choice Premium Steaks (as in their pulling off the Folger's Crystals act at the Golden Ox steakhouse in Kansas City, and perhaps a few others before too long): Videlicet, that said steaks are from assembly-line feedlot operations fed on highly-processed grains mixed with antibiotics wholesale, the manure therefrom essentially going to waste under the banner of "Wise Use" when such could actually be converted to energy, thereby adding value to the whole operation.

In other words, it ain't exactly Wagyu beef they're selling at Walmart these days. Or even Argentine such, for that matter.

And what exactly are the tenderising agents Walmart is using? Shades of the Golden Butter Knife Award (the which is now held only by Charlie's Cafe Exceptionale in Minneapolis)!!

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