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18h UTC; SUNDAY, 4 DECEMBER 2011: In the wake of yesterday's shock announcement that GOP Presidential wannabe Herman "9-9-9" Cain was suspending his Presidential bid in the wake of what he claimed were "groundless accusations spread by the liberal media" of Indecent Sexual Liberties from no less than four women as caused harm to his name and repute, you can expect the Archie Bunker/Alf Garnett element, dependent as they are on Fox News for their prolefeed intake, to be rejoicing in their Luscious Glory over the fact that the Presidential race in Indecision 2012 is all the more likely to be black-v.-white.

And they want nothing less than a White, Aryan, Bible-Believing Christian to reclaim the White House and, in the process, use his Presidential position as that of a superdivine Prophet, Seer and Revelator Called by G-d Himself to Reclaim Our Beloved AmeriKKKa From Itself and Recast It Into His Will and Vision as Revealed to Our Pilgrim Forefathers, howbeit based on forgeries more than likely. Never mind the likelihood that such "Divine Pronouncement" expected therefrom could too easy come by way of Al Cohol's influence for the most part, and which could too easily become his ruin and downfall, if not that of the Nation as the President bawls his heart out in hyperjuvenile excess as Our Dear Lovely Nation is decimated in the flames of Class Warfare.

On a live worldcast, at that.

Which will no doubt be used by Our Sworn Enemies, as much from within as from without, as a call to plunder.


Certain overzealous True Believers in the Grand Delusion of capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics as a Great White Father, Saviour, Eternal Light and Guide, Loving Father and Teacher of the AmeriKKKan People and Nation, &c., &c., just can't wait to drool all the more in their Luscious Glory of arrogance and hubris for what exactly the United States Postal Service hath in mind from tomorrow's projected announcement of possible cuts in service standards (i.e., increasing letterpost transit times to between 3 and 5 working days) to avoid the prospect of Carey Street by next summer.

Which, to them, is not good enough.

Expect such to push an online petition as prays ask Congress, in the name of "saving the Postal Service from itself," to:
  • require the Postal Service to open its market to "healthy competition" for delivery of letterposts; and
  • corporatise the aforementioned Postal Service through a share flotation similar to such which Thatcherist Great Britain saw in the late 1980's with a number of formerly state-run companies.
What these same elements don't want to acknowledge openly is that they want to impose arbitrary quotas on the subscription of shares in The United States Postal Service, LLC, in their desired share flotation, among every resident man, woman and child across Our Dear Lovely Nation; arbitrarily-inflated subscription quotas to be assessed on the likes of suspected "liberals," "Communists," "Socialists," "troublemakers" and Muslims as a "Loyalty Test" more than anything (cf. Liberty Loan campaigns during World War I in some parts of the country forcing German immigrants or others suspected of German sympathies or loyalties to higher purchase quotas of Liberty Bonds and/or War Savings Stamps during the four Liberty Loans and the Victory Loan).

If you get an e-mail ruging you to sign any such petitions as call for the preceding points, Your Correspondent suggests deleting it. Or, better still, reporting such as "spam".


What so-called "Good Christian Families" aren't supposed to engage in, but could likely be sub rosa, with great pains taken to avoid attracting attention as would be its own worst giveaway: A British charity as tracks "honour killings" and "honour attacks" among especially Muslim, Hindu and Sikh emigre families between Land's End and John O'Groats hath it that some 900 cases of "honour attacks" have occured across England's Green and Pleasant Land in the last year, many of them not reported to the police for fear of reprisals among their communities ranging from simple "Heathering" to Extreme Measures not worth discussing in graphic detail.

Many of the more common specimens of "honour attack" include beatings, acid being thrown in the eyes to the point of blindness--and in the extreme, the report mentions several cases of rape in which the victim thereof is forced to marry her rapist, no doubt making the "shotgun weddings" in poorer parts of the Deep South from generations past look like Branson "music shows" by comparison.


Something we don't need, especially if the desire is to exploit recent asinine remarks by a certain GOP Presidential wannabe implying that the poor "have no desire to work" and have an "unhealthy interest" in dependency on unemployment benefits, despite "reasonable efforts" to find work: Certain GOP/"Tea Party"-influenced Zealots and True Believers discreetly (and, presumably, "spontaneously") promoting a "new and innovative cashflow gifting system" to be packaged as "the new wave of welfare," such being based on that same flawed interpretation of 18 USC 1302 and 1341 to create the usual aura of legitimacy, reinforced by claims that a supposed "secret declaration of National Economic Emergency" allows for such schemes to operate without police interference "to help the poor to help themselves."

Which, as it turns out, is essentially similar to numerous other schemes we've seen in past where receipents of a letter in furtherance thereof are asked to:
  1. send $5 to each of five names on a list (or, alternately, send $20 to the last of three names on a list), to be described as a "gift" (supposedly to avoid attracting Postal Inspectors' attention);
  2. copy the same letter as received;
  3. modify the list so as to remove the first name thereon (s/he supposedly having "cycled out" of same), move the others up one position, and add your own in the last such; and
  4. circulate same with the aforementioned amendments, preferably to total strangers "to best maximise the power and potential" thereof.
But then again, it may be possible that such could be unconsciously flawed or otherwise manipulated so that only the "elect" as engineered the original scheme manage to profit thereby, mostly through "consulting fees" and commissions from the sale of mailing lists through affiliated entities, with "Tea Party" and "patriot" groups expected to see their "fair share" of ensuing profits.

Hence, if there are especially conservatives still seeking designs to profit off the prevailing misery of the Great Unwashed through the "gifting club" device, may I suggest that they apply doublethink here; i.e., consider channelling such a desire to promote "help through self-help" in the poor and desperate through more orthodox channels such as the English "friendly society" model with its emphasis on insurance, pensions and tax-beneficial savings plans "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk," as it were.

Or is there the latent fear thus inherent that any form of mutual self-help other than of an "in-kind", practical model emphasising Industry, Self-Reliance and Personal Responsibility "only worsens the risk of dependency as leads to making unwise decisions"? (Which is enough to wonder if these same conservatives want to rebuild Our Morally-Superior Socioeconomic Paradigm according to a barter-driven model such as prevailed among the COMECON states vis-a-vis the Former Soviet Union and among themselves, money being reduced to a "mere formality.")

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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