18h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 17 JULY 2013: So much for North Korea's Luscious Glory of the Juche Idea, as insists on isolationist self-reliance being one, inter alii, with National and Sovereign Identity itself predicated on what their propaganda calls "people-centred socialism": Panamanian border security forces intercepted a rusty North Korean-flagged tramp steamer about to transit the Panama Canal from the Atlantic Ocean end whose manifest officially claimed it was carrying sugar from Cuba ... only to discover within the cargo of sugar radar system parts of Soviet manufacture supposedly bound for North Korea as well; initial concerns on the part of the Panamanian authorities were that the vessel was being used to smuggle narcotics.

And as if seeking to avoid disgracing "Eternal Leader" Kim Il Sung, "Eternal First Secretary" Kim Jong Il and "Supreem Leader" Kim Jong Un, the vessel's captain attempted The Other Way Out by faking a heart attack while crew members battled it out with Panamanian forces using sticks.

Thus passeth any notion North Korean continues having about the creation of a self-reliant society reliant upon xenophobic delusions of grandeur.

Menawhile, certain ultra-conservative and Christian Patriot types in Thy Dear and Lovely Nation otherwise known as the United States of America insist that unless the United States leaves the United Nations and affiliated entities, Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations is all the more under clear and present threat and danger of usurption by the "New World Order" within measurable distance.

Just how exactly, pray, would a xenophobic mentality of North Korean stylee, reinforced by foreign-aid policies themselves rooted in Japan's "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" ideal prior to World War II, actually help protect and reinforce AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations by Divine Edict?

As for the hot and close conditions here in the Minnwissippi where Your Correspondent is based, with a Heat Advisory up until Friday evening, such compelleth him to remain, by and large, in his flat, trying to stay sane and connected on Facebook and Twitter. Especially in light of Rather Sensitive Developments involving the state of health of his 92-year-old mother.


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