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19h15 UTC; MONDAY, 13 FEBRUARY 2012: No wonder conservatives would just love(!!) the "taxpayer lawsuit" device as a means of influencing public policy (howbeit unpopular such) through the courts--especially such seeking the "complete and final" denationalisation of State Social Security based on rather tenuous, boilerplate even, arguments and platitudes about the current system thereof:
  • "not specifically ennumerated for" in the Constitution;
  • "having reckless and utter disregard for personal responsibility" among especially the working-classes not otherwise expected to be capable of making wise investment decisions; and
  • its being a supposed "Ponzi scheme," among other specimens of conservative prolefeed platitudes.
Which, in any case, given the somewhat insincere and nuanced tone endemic to "boilerplate"-driven arguments generally, may be enough for the courts seeking to hear such cases to dismiss them as being "frivolous, vexatious, tortious or otherwise meritless."

Yet, in any case, to be worth watching for throughout Indecision 2012, especially where "astroturf" front groups are seeking out Joe Sixpack types dumb enough to play the stooge in such a prolefeed exercise up there with PETA's unsuccessful attempt to apply the 13th Amendment to the Constitution to the five performing orcas at the SeaWorld parks in San Diego and Orlando.


Tell me, reader, if what we have here is outright hypocrisy, doublethink even, vis-a-vis middle-class mindsets on socioeconomic inequality in Our Dearest AmeriKKKa reeking of Ayn Randist Thought ... Not to mention whether those advocating an "English First" language mandate for the United States "in the interest of National Unity and Identity" recall the Nazis' Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuerher ("One People, One Nation, One Leader") trope seeking to Reclaim the Greater Glory of Germany after its being Stabbed in the Back by the Conditions of the Versailles Treaty (which became especially notorious after German troops goose-stepped it into the Demilitarised Rhineland in 1936, followed two years later by Neville Chamberlain's "peace in our time" blunder known as the Munich Agreements as gave Austria and then-Czechoslovakia's German-dominant Sudeten region to Germany, eventually conquering Czechoslovakia outright ... and, in 1939, World War II).


No wonder the GOP has such hard-wired desires to undermine the socioeconomic paradigm of Our Dear Lovely AmeriKKKa as an election tactic all the more, playing the DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim [and] Offender) card against President Obama By Any Means Necessary, as required: It's because they have this belief, as per George Orwell from Nineteen Eighty Four, about power being one with "tearing apart existing minds and then rebuilding them in new shapes of your own choosing."

As in seeking to destroy the very paradigm of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" the GOP's articles of faith insist is interconnected to, and interlocking with, Our National and Sovereign Identity, Antient and Peculiar, so as to "rescue it from itself" by excusing cartel behaviour and its byproducts, unaware of the clear and present harm such pose to business and consumers alike in fraud. Waste. Inefficiency. Gross mismanagement. Corruption. Disincentive to invest in new plant and capital. Restricting or banning brand advertising. Price-fixing. Reseller Price Maintenance Agreements. Control of supplies. Creating artificial shortages to manipulate pricing. The catalogue is endless and well-documented.


And you thought Bakewell Cream, an old reliable New England staple since its World War II introduction as a substitute for more tradititional baking powders containing potassium bitartate (as in cream of tartar) as were made unavailable to the home front, was the only baking powder to contain sodium pyrophosphate as the leavening agent: Argo Baking Powder turns out to also contain pyrophosphates in lieu of the traditional aluminum-based leavening agents. Not to mention cornstarch and calcium acid phosphate.


Something Your Correspondent would love to see out of The Once and Future Waterpark Capital this summer on the news: As if "flash mobs" and "cash mobs" weren't good enough, he'd like to see a "splash mob" making the sudden, spontaneous appearence of one of the major waterpark or waterpark resort wavepools--or, equally interesting, at the swimming pool of especially an "old-school" motel of the sort championed at his sister presence on Teh Innerwebz, Let's Wisconsin Dells! by name and stylee.

And Appy Polly Loggies for the brevity today, folksies; the can crushing took a little longer than usual at the motel he does for, and he plans to take the Sammy's Pizza buffet this evening. Meanwhile, did you notice the new button in connexion with my improved Facebook fan club (as it were) vis-a-vis this New Explosion of Pedigreed Bull on Teh Innerwebz (which, in and of itself, is worth your time and interest)?

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