18h21 UTC; TUESDAY, 7 OCTOBER 2014: For all the prolefeed conservative prolefeeders have about the professed "moral purity" of their "REAL AmeriKKKa," populated for the most part, as we all know, by "poor whites" of the worst sort known, and their delusional belief in such being the Last and Only Hope for Reclaiming the Luscious Glory of Thy Dear and Lovely Land as a Christian Nation, there's a dark side to this "REAL AmeriKKka" they don't want you knowing about, and will take great pains to supress the knowledge thereof:

As in the prospect of a rather subtle Kultuur of zoophilia (as in getting your jollies out of watching, or otherwise thinking of, animals in copula) and bestiality (as in actually "doing it" with an animal) such as anthropologists who dare study the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKan" and his Traditional Culture and Folkways (a favourite patsy conservatives would just love to push, no doubt) are likely to confine to the footnotes of their studies because of the rather strong taboos still attached to such sexual subcultures--even among primitive and "backwards" societies and cultures who so engage out of ritual as much as out of carnal frustration and ennui (the latter being a more likely rationale used by such in "REAL AmeriKKKa" reduced to such unnatural sexual outlets).

Not to mention the prospect of such a Kultuur, howbeit rather secretive and sometimes excused as being "country ways" or "barnyard ways," being seen as "traditional folkways" among these "poor whites", should they explain such proclavities for doing it with the dog, cow, horse or pig on a regular basis, and try to conceal any shame or guilt. That, and youngsters expected to act dumb and keep quiet about the proceedings being paid off to watch such displays of interspecies carnality packaged as "heritage and folkways" across "REAL AmeriKKKa."

So this is what conservatives think "REAL AmeriKKKa" has as its "Traditional Culture and Folkways"?

As if such a "traditional" subculture wasn't awful enow a prospect, you can just imagine these same specimens of conservative Zealotry and True Belief insisting that the Lower Classes generally have no regard for morals, decency or common sense, hence justifying the need to "dump," at or below actual cost of production (or, if need be, free of cost), the crudest of "elegant pornoo" upon "industrial" (as in "chronically and habitually government-dependent") communities as one with "social control" and "keeping people in their natural role and place." Especially so such subgenres as teen/"barely legal", zoophilia/bestiality, anal--in short, preference being given to the most explicit hardcore 3X and 4X varieties as opposed to "schoolboy" softporn these same Zealots and True Believers think the Lower Classes "get bored with too easily." Especially where ejaculation scenes and full-frontal nudity (especially pubic hair and genitalia) are given "healthy" prominence.

In closing, some unfortunate details with regards to my mother (93): It turns out she had a bad fall yesterday afterlunch in her nursing-home apartment walking to the bathroom thereof without any sort of mobility aid, perhaps the fourth or fifth such since mid-August. And despite initial concern about broken bones (especially in the hip), she didn't suffer any; however, she was taken to the emergency room of a hospital in LaCrosse, WI as a precaution, and was being held there overnight for observation against the prospect of things deteriorating rapidly.

How much longer she's able to hang on is anybody's guess; however, Your Correspondent would greatly welcome and appreciate any donations, in any amount, you may wish to offer at what could be a rather trying and emo time ahead for moi. Same best offered into my PayPal account by clicking the "donate" button off to the side of the page.

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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