"Take my advice or I'll spank you without pants."
--Hong Kong martial-arts film subtitle

20h45 UTC; MONDAY. 10 FEBRUARY 2014: After another sharply cold night expected this way (as in ambient temperatues as low as -20° F, but with little or no wind likely to produce any possible wind chill), it looks as if some meterological relief could be on the way up this way in the Minnwissippi: Maxima close to 30° F may be possible Wednesday, followed by a slight slip (as in the mid- to high 20's Fahrenheit) towards the President's Day long weekend in the United States (or, for you Canadian readers, the Family Day such).

In any event, let's just hope we finally have prayers for the end of this winter nonsense answered, and then some. But on the other hand, March traditionally sees the heaviest snowfalls (and then, of a wetter, heavier sort for the most part).

Meanwhile, you may have heard about The LEGO Movie, an animated satire using LEGO personnae to spoof the status quo of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe--the which seems lost on the likes of Fox Business, who insist that children watching the movie may wind up Sending the Wrong Message to Impressionable Children vis-a-vis the Natural and Mutual Interconnexion between ekonomesie vryheid, &c., and Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations, and its Natural Importance to AmeriKKKan National Exceptionalism as a Tool of Promoting True Patriot Love and National Unity.

Prompting the film's director, Phil Lord, to respond thus to Mother Jones: "A
rt deserves many interpretations, even wrong ones."

Ars brevis, vita longum. (Art is short, time long.)

Why Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may want to do himself a favour by simply giving up on his gubenetorial reelection bid in Indecision 2014: A new series of John Doe Enquiries reveals where Governor Walker's office may have had something of an all-too-free hand, fiscally as much as morally, with the recall elections in 2011 and 2012 (especially so his own), thereby raising Conflict of Interest questions galore.

Not to mention letting slip possible scandals as could endanger Wisconsin's sovereign debt rating to the point of a Treble-Secret Credit Watch being issued by the three major debt ratings agencies expected to be seen as "having to regard for the interests of REAL AmeriKKKa" (or so conservative prolefeeders want us to insist) ... and. in the end, opening the door to a Serious Downgrade of the debt rating to the all-too-thin line between Junk and Default.

For certain weird and unwholesome types whining about the "will of the people" somehow being laid to contempt or disgrace vis-a-vis challenging proscriptions at state level on same-gender marriage (just as it was the case against blacks and other National Minorities), I have to wonder if their idea thereof is based on that depicted in that classic example of Nazi propaganda from the late Leni Riefenstahl, as in Triumph der Willens ("Triumph of the Will," 1935), itself filmed during the 1934 Nuremburg Rally Week in its Luscious Glory of Nazi showmanship.

And could you just imagine a runaway car with failed brakes putting a quick and merciful end to some class of a "rally" from the so-called "Westboro Baptist Church" in its Luscious Glory of Primitive Christian homophobic paranoia and fearmongering (with casualties ensuing more than likely)?

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!


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